Reasons to Choose Resorts at Baliapanda Road Puri for Year-end Celebration

Today, many people are seeking every opportunity to travel for the sake of pleasure and enjoyment. The idea is to get away from their regular schedule – away from your home. Many of the holidaymakers choose to visit other states or countries. They opt for various destinations with great landmarks, lovely beaches and areas with untouched nature. One of the just destination is Puri. Over the last few decades, the face of Puri tourism has changed as the lifestyles and demands of people change. Rise of budget airlines and entry of new players in the tourism industry has made traveling to faraway resorts more affordable. The reasons for visiting popular resorts at Baliapanda road Puri facilities include:

Beautiful beaches

Many of the resorts at Baliapanda road Puri facilities like at Toshali Sands are located along golden sandy beaches. The facilities feature idyllic spots fitted with beachfront eateries that offer different types of delicacies. Furthermore, the facilities offer various water sports, lounge and bars.

Peaceful Surrounding

These resorts are offering best-secluded ambiance for the tourists who are seeking for peace. The resorts here are situated much more away from the crowd so that you can enjoy quality time with friends and family.

Comfortable guest rooms

Many of the popular sites offer plenty of comfortable bed capacity. The rooms at the resorts at Baliapanda road Puri are spacious and feature sumptuous bathrooms and walk-in closet- with plenty of room to move around. The rooms are decorated with beautiful décor and painted in neutral and white colors. They are fitted with stylish modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi connection and iPod docks. The rooms also have small kitchenettes with fridges and coffee/tea makers- among other items.


If you prefer stepping out of your room for meals, you will be able to find a variety of mouth-watering foods and drinks at the nearby restaurant. The multi-cuisine restaurant at Toshali Sands offers an amazing taste of vivid cuisines, those make you stay a few more days here. This gives you the ideal opportunity to enjoy fine dining. Professional chefs who combine popular gourmet ingredients to display sophisticated preparations inspire the food.

Exciting opportunities

Many of the leading resorts at Baliapanda road Puri like Toshali Sands facilities offer the ideal environment to relax and unwind. The facilities offer treatment rooms, a comprehensive fitness center, yoga studio, men’s & women’s private steam rooms and sauna. Furthermore, the facilities are located close to the shopping mall, giving guests the ideal opportunity to shop.

Plan your year-end celebration at resorts at Baliapanda road Puri like Toshali Sands a four-star resort. This is the most ideal place for you and your family to enjoy a great year-end 2019 celebration.

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