Questions to Clarify Before Planning Your Wedding in Puri Hotel

Planning your wedding can be quite painstaking, but the venue selection and that too at best hotels in Puri are surely going to be the toughest. You just can’t go wrong with your wedding in Puri venue, neither with host’s preparation or with guest’s arrangements.

There can be many small or big issues you will face when you plan your wedding at any luxury hotel. So you need to be ironed out with your potential venue beyond the basic questions like:

  • Does the venue have enough seated capacity to accommodate your guest list?
  • Is your date free?

The other questions you need to clarify before booking any hotel in Puri for your wedding are:

 Food and Drinks

Almost every Venue for the wedding with in-house caterers will have that and it would be the minimum amount you ought to spend. Lastly, remember to inquire whether you can bring your own liquor or have to purchase from them? You may have to pay a service fee if you bring your own liquor so remember to be specific on that.

 Event Specifics

It should always begin by asking the venue’s capacity. To understand which decisions will help you maximize the space and your guest list, find out how many guests you can fit in the space with and without a dance floor. Ask them if you can hire your own DJ in case the venue DJ is not suitable for your tastes? Be specific on the dimensions of the dance floor and how much that would cost. Will the sound equipment and speakers need to be rented? Or do they have their own sound equipment and speakers? Don’t forget to ask them about their backup plan for rain or inclement weather.

When it comes to the wedding decorator and caterer, do they let you hire your own wedding decorator and caterer? If yes, what restrictions will be imposed on them, in terms of space usage, storage, and timings?


These are an important set of questions – Is the bridal suite included in the price they are offering? Are rooms provided for the parents? Will there be discounted rates for guests at the wedding in Puri? What accommodation does the venue for the wedding offer? Are there other hotels in the area for guests? Can they provide a list? Are there reliable taxi companies in the area? When is the checkout time? Can you block book rooms for guests? If so, how long can they be held for?

Make a note of the time you can get to the site for the set-up. Reception halls generally allow you ample time for this. But with some other kinds of venues, inquire early and often about how much time you have.

All the above questions are not just necessary but an absolute must if you want your wedding in Puri to happen without a glitch and leave no stone unturned to make it the best day of your life…Remember

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Keep all your options open and book well in advance so that you can enjoy the wedding in Puri to the most and glow in the impending happiness you are about to encounter….!

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