Questions That You Need to Ask Yourself before Booking Puri Hotels

While preparing for your travel to Puri, whether it is vacation or business, you should make sure it fulfills your checklist. Stay Simple has put together some basic questions that you should ask yourself before booking your hotel. Although everybody has different needs and expectations when it comes to selecting a room at Puri hotels,here are the basic questions which should be considered.

Q 1.Are the rooms clean?

This is the most important factor, do check hotel ratings and guest images in their gallery- it often shows the true picture of the hotel. You need to very conscious while booking budget Puri hotels or service apartments making sure they are not depriving you of this basic amenity.

Q 2. Is the hotel centrally located?

If you are travelling for business to make sure your hotel is close to your work otherwise you will be wasting both money and time in an unknown city. If travelling for vacation do call and ask the hotel if they are close to the main attractions or whatever your interest is.

Q 3. Is parking available?

Is it charged or not? All Puri hotels have parking of some sort available. In the bigger cities, parking can be underground and may only have a limited number of spaces available. It is always a good idea to find out about parking.

Q 4. Is internet available?

As today we all are tech savvy, the internet is something can’t live without, Make sure you check with Puri hotels having Wi-Fi availability and rates, the industry average rate is Rs. 100 per hour. Always choose a hotel with complimentary Wi-Fi – why pay when you can get it for free?

Q.5. Is room service available?

If you’re staying overnight you will most likely be eating out. Knowing if your hotel has a restaurant and/or has room service can save you loads of time.

All your question answers you will receive when you will book Toshali Sands in Puri. It is one of the best hotels in Puri that stands for its amazing hospitality.

Must ask questions before booking one of the best Puri hotels to spend a great holiday.

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