Puri Hotel: How to Find One to Suit Your Budget?

Puri, one of the top beach hub in India, welcomes tourists to its white sandy beaches with a wide range of beach hotels. Even though there is a general impression that Puri beach is a luxury tourist destination, accommodation options for budget travelers are not far behind.

With the beach town gaining popularity in recent times among international tourists, new hotels, villas, and resorts have come up all over the place. Finding a beach Puri hotel is not tough, as there are deluxe to budget accommodations in plentiful to suit diverse pockets.

Puri boasts of an array of 5-star and 4-star hotels, most of which are found in the city or in exclusive beaches like Balighai beach,Swargadwara beach, Chandrabhaga beach, Ramchandi beach, etc. In and around these beach areas you will find a maximum number of luxury beach hotels and resorts. Among them, Toshali Sands is a known name. Though it is a four-star resort, still its count as an affordable hotel due to its vivid offers and discounts which make even budget travelers enjoy the lavish choice during offseason.

Budget travelers need not worry that Puri is out of bounds for them. There are plenty of affordable hotels in all parts of the town, even in beachfront. All of them offer basic facilities and amenities at very reasonable rates to budget-conscious travelers. To choose a  beach Puri hotel from the choices offered is the only hassle.

To make it easier for the travelers, most of the Puri beach hotels are located in and around these beaches. One among them is Toshali Sands which is known for its customize offers and services.

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