Puri Honeymoon Package for an Amazing Start of a New Life

Summer is fast approaching which is why to those people who are planning on getting married, they should also be planning where to have their honeymoon as early as now. There are actually a lot of beautiful places that couples could consider and to those who would like to know where, then let us take a little trip to know the best place for honeymoon.

Puri in Odisha is also a great honeymoon destination. Couples could enjoy the luau or enjoy surfing the very beautiful Puri. This most amazing tourist land  is also full of world class resorts and hotels so couples have the option to have a dip in the sea water or enjoy amazing infinity pools in some of the best accommodations of the city. Couples can go for Puri honeymoon package and enjoy the best time of their life in this city because, Puri has something for everyone.

The major attractions of Puri honeymoon package includes:

Temples: Star attraction of Puri is the famous Jagannath Temple. Other temples worth visiting are KanchiGanesha Temple, Vimala Temple, SakshiGopal Temple, Markandeshvara Temple, Loknath Temple.

Puri Beach: Beaches of Odisha are gaining popularity nowadays like never before. Water sports on the sea waves, beach activities and sunbath are a great recreation.

Chilika Lake: On a lazy boat ride in Chilika Lake watching dolphins, flamingoes and other chirping birds is an experience beyond any words.

Konark Sun Temple: It is a must to visit while on Puri trip.

Nature Walk: Nature walk around the green grasses/farms and sea beaches are a great fun in and around Puri.

Boating and Fishing: Boating and fishing are very popular activities in Puri honeymoon package.

Other places worth visiting are Sar Lake, Sambalpur, Islands near Chilika Lake, Balighai, Brahmagiri, Satyabadi, Baliharachandi Temple, Raghurajpur, Satapara.

Shopping: Shopping while on Puri trip is a great fun. From Indian handicrafts to sea shells to pearls to silver works there are lots of shopping options around there.


When you are planning for a honeymoon in Odisha then nothing is better than Puri honeymoon package. This is the place where along with taking blessing of Lords you can enjoy your best romantic holiday.

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