Puri Boutique Hotel- Catering to Exclusive Clientele

Among Puri’s visitors, a few are willing to shell out more to enjoy the high-end facilities and personalized attention offered by a Puri boutique hotel. The beach city has a sizable number of hotels in this category to cater to this demand.

The hospitality at this city ready to provide impeccable service and unique amenities to guests to make their stay most gratifying and unforgettable. These hotels differ from luxury hotels by their location, style, comfort, size, facilities, and service.

Puri boutique hotel is no different. Most of them are located on exclusive beaches, away from the milling crowds. For tourists looking for personalized service and high-end amenities, a Puri boutique hotel is the right choice.

As many of these hotels are located close to the beach, they offer exclusive beach access for their guests. Naturally, celebrity visitors covet the privacy afforded by these. As these hotels are much smaller than the usual luxury hotels, they are located mostly tucked away in some unexpected places,far away from the prying eyes.

Among famous and popular hotels one name is Toshali Sands, located near Balighai beach, which is a good choice for those who want a peaceful beach holiday, but close enough to Marine Drive road.

It is quite understandable that affluent tourists want only the best while holidaying. Toshali Sands as one Puri boutique hotel cater to this clientele, offering the ultimate in luxury, elegance, and sophistication combined with the famous Odia/Indian hospitality.

Toshali Sands as a boutique hotel is known for its amazing hospitality and personalized care, which attracts both leisure and corporate clients, again and again, to stay here for different reasons.