Plan for A Perfect Wedding in Puri Odisha

Planning a beach weddings doesn’t have to cost you the earth nowadays – You can go to your dream beach location in Puri for an affordable yet unique marriage ceremony. Here are some of the best tips for keeping the costs down when planning a beach wedding in Puri Odisha that won’t make your day any less romantic. 1. A ceremony can be as simple as you, your man, an arch and just a few guests on the day. Or it can be just the 2 of you. Beach wedding venues in Puri are great in that they can be as ‘relaxed’ and informal as you both want them to be. 2. You’ve got the opportunity to go barefoot when planning a beach wedding. Just make sure you bring towels with you to wipe your feet, though. 3. The beach wedding planner in Puri favors you choose can just be simple, or you can save cash and forget them altogether on the day — They’re really not essential. 4. Start to get creative! Make your own beach wedding invitations, name cards, table plans, cake, music etc. Here’s a tip: why not make a list of your favorite. Wedding songs and put them on a blank CD? This is a nice personal touch. 5. Planning a beach wedding in Puri Odisha with flowers? To be honest, this can be really expensive, depending on what time of year when you plan to get hitched in. The good thing is, you don’t really need to search many wedding venues in Puri, as Toshali sands resort is one of such inn that can fulfill all your dreams of marriage.  This four star resort on Konark-Puri Marine Drive road provides completely peaceful ambience along with top notch facilities, services and  amenities to make your convention  most successful one.

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