Odia Cuisines: the most delectable delicacies

After a refreshing sound sleep at Toshali Sands Resorts, my accommodation place in Puri, I decided to take a shower to get in the mood of a tour enthusiast on this journey. So before any of my friends were awake I tried to get in for a quick shower. As soon I was all refreshed and set for breakfast, some of friends started to wake up from their fantasies and were all hurrying up to the bathrooms. Being a group of four best friends ever since the college days, we used to find a reason to smile even amidst the most foolish and irritating actions of each other’s.

As I was got the fact that we won’t be able to make it up to the restaurant, so we decided to ask for a room service and ordered our breakfast. As soon the hotel staff member came in a few minutes with our orders of south Indian, continental & American Breakfast, the most foodie one among us enquired about the main course and that too some specific Odia Cuisines that the Restaurant called Phultpatna had in store for us. The out-spoken personnel went on to his list of cuisines from main course that included Dalma, Saga-bhaja, Badi Chura, Ghia arna, Sadha Bhata etc. since I literally was unable to pronounce some. But believe me the order that was delivered in the lunch time as soon we returned from our short sightseeing tour was heavenly something that all of us really tasted for the very first time in Odisha.

With every bite it seemed that this truly is one of the Best Odia food in Puri offered especially at this restaurant. Thereafter, came the desserts that the waiter mentioned as Chena-Pauda, Kheer-sagar, Kheera and Rasa bali one after another. And all that we could say was Phultpatna is one of Best restaurant in Puri where you can have the have some of the toothsome traditional Odia cuisines. Though we were in Odisha for the very first time, the land and its food along with culture and dying for attractions truly mesmerized each one of our group members. So if you too are a great foodie then you surely must make a stop at Phultpatna.

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