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Are you looking to spend a grand vacation in Puri? Is there a conference you need to organize in Puri? No matter what the occasion is, we are here to serve you with the best hospitality services. Our hotel is reputed and equipped with sophisticated amenities. We never give any scope to our guests to complain against our service standards. Here is a little bit of a glimpse of our fantastic hotel.

Excellent Reputation in Puri

Our hotel has the goodwill of the best hotel in Puri, both for travellers and business delegates. Over the years, we have efficiently served hundreds of guests, including diplomats and foreign tourists. We are among the ultra-modern luxury hotels in Puri, offering classy comfort to guests.

Spread over 30 acres of Plot

We are among the top-rated resorts in Puri, with a 4-star trademark. We are spread over 30 acres of lush green land and strategically located in the city. There are no hassles as far as transportation is concerned. We arrange for private transport on special requests.

Rooms are completely equipped

Each room in our hotel is completely equipped with various facilities. There are geysers, air conditioning machines, safe locker, aesthetic furniture, hairdryer, mini-refrigerator, and what not! As professionals, we thoroughly take care of the comfort of our esteemed guests. There is never any compromise. There is 24-hour room service.

There are plush villas and cottages 

Those among you who want to make your stay at the hotel and in Puri grand experience can conveniently book our villa. We have 13 villas on our premises, reflecting the ethnic style and rich Indian heritage in architecture. Priority is privacy of the customers. The guests spend a fantastic time living in the villa, enjoying the calmness of nature. If you prefer to stay in a cottage, you would be glad to know that we offer such accommodations, too! There are 42 cottages on our sprawling premises.

Easy to book 

You do not have to go through a complicated process to book the hotel. Get in touch with us over the phone or via email. We respond clearly and promptly. You can conveniently book your room in advance, through our online platform, too. You will not counter any hassles at any stage of the booking process.

Offering conference rooms and wedding halls

Our luxury resort is a top choice for organizing a conference or planning a gala wedding. Our banquet halls, lush exhibition spaces and lawns take care of grand arrangements in style. It is a guarantee that you would be impressed with our impeccable service standards.

Give us a call 

Feel free to give us a call and talk about your particular needs. We present customized hospitality solutions to our guests. Also, the rates we offer are pretty competitive, according to usual market norms. Prioritizing customer interests is our main motto. We ensure luxury, convenience, and comfort.

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