New Year Eve Celebration: A Symbolically Family Vacation, Signifies a Renewal of Life.

Celebration of New Year’s Day originates from harvest seasons in ancient times. Identified customs involved wearing new clothes, replacing old utensils etc. Symbolically a New Year signifies a new life. Some Customs and practices have evolved through centuries but still retain some definite traits.

Toshali Resorts Wishing all a Happy New Year 2011
Toshali Resorts Wishing all a Happy New Year 2011

The Mid-Night Cacophony: Horns and drums and shouting would drive out evil so today the deafening cacophony of sirens, car horns, boat whistles, party horns, church bells, drums, pots and pans – anything goes.

The Booze Bash: Perhaps the re-enactment of a rite depicting the chaos preceding God’s universe.

Resolution: On New Year, people cleared all borrowings. We often say that in the New Year we are “turning over a new leaf.”

Luck in the New Year: It is thought that the first day of the year is symptomatic of the other 364 days. So any symbol that signifies good luck is sought and offered.

The Gatherings: More or less in keeping with the tradition of sharing and caring within the community.Most of these rituals and beliefs predates Christianity and perhaps history itself. Changing beliefs and customs have molded the customs which basically denotes renewal of the circle of life.

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