Luxury hotel in Puri to Enjoy Timeless Charm

Puri has had a tremendous transformation into one of the greatest tourist destination from a simple pilgrimage destination in India, pulling in tones of revenue for its tourist destinations. There are a variety of activities to preoccupy oneself and many of must-visit places in and around the city that will have travelers contently exhausted by the end of the vacation. The city has a timeless charm that can leave a steady imprint in the memories, coaxing one to come back. For those traveling on a budget, and still want to taste the extravagance of the city and vacation life; Toshali Sands, one luxury hotel in Puri is the best choices of staying in budget. These do not forego on their warm hospitality and excellent management, and one will be surprised to find the availability of their service and hospitality at such budget expenses.

Every luxury hotel in Puri is not offering budgeted stay but Toshali Sands strives to make the stay as pleasant as possible, and the vacation an extremely memorable one. To achieve this, they have a plethora of fun-filled activities and luxurious amenities to pamper their guests. Their premier suites, cottages are perfect for the honeymooning couples, the classic interiors of the resort exude the warmth of Mother Nature. The child friendly swimming pool with water-activities involving roller ball, water polo, and floating water mattresses. Holiday Inn resort has beautiful banquet spaces for their guests who host galas, shuttle facility, and an eco-friendly environment.

Swimming pool, executive boardrooms, impeccable hospitality, and generous services remain common throughout this luxury hotel in Puri. There are no exceptions made in this regard. Toshali Sands, however, has many fun-filled facilities alongside their signature wellness packages. Toshali’s assures to tantalize the senses with spas of Ayurvedic descent and a gymnasium. They also have extensive childcare and playground facilities for the young ones, while adults take a stroll down the beach or a leisurely walk through the winding lanes of their garden.

The authentic blended cuisine from every corner of the world is predominantly made from a base of rice, noodles, and fish. Thus, this luxury hotel in Puri have the best local staff who excel in authentic odian cuisine and will vow to give the guests the best dining experience while they are in the city. The hotel is famous for their continental and international spread of delicacies; where the dishes revel in diversity and fusion. There is also liquor and cocktail availability in this luxury hotel in Puri because nothing can beat a pint of chilled beer or a glass of wine by the pool.

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