Jim Corbett Wildlife Tours to Fill Thrill in Your Life

The thrill of wildlife can be only thought of when we are staying in the civilized world but it can be felt only through being in a forest. The real adventure of being in a forest can be taken by visiting Jim Corbett Wildlife Tours.

Corbett National Park was first named as Hailey National Park when it was established in 1936. After 1956, the park had been known as Ramganga National Park until it finally became Jim Corbett National Park in a tribute to the legend hunter and environmentalist Jim Corbett, who was known for hunting man-eaters – Leopards and Tigers – in the regions of Garhwal and Kumaon.

The first wildlife reserve park of India Corbett National Park is sprawling in an area of over 500 sq km at the Himalayan foothills. It is a home to various kinds of flora and fauna. The park authorities launched Project Tiger in 1973. In line with the project tiger act, the National park was divided into Tiger Reserve Zone and Buffer zone (Reserve Forest). Jim Corbett National Park has a total of five exclusive tourism zones with separate gate for each.

A big range of India Tour Packages are available in the market to help you have your choice of tour, in your budget. Jim Corbett Tour Packages help you see a big variety of birds, fishes, mammals and reptiles residing in the national park.

So, if you have ever wished to have such a thrilling experience, this tour will be really an engrossing experience for you. And if you never have wished, then wish it now and fill your life with some adventurous moments.

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