Jagannath Temple All Set to Welcome the World with Its New 2020 Look

Every new year brings enthusiasm in people to opt new resolutions and provoked them to bring some changes in their lives. Suchthing happened with Odisha this time in 2020. The biggest change of Odisha is its world-famous Jagannath temple in Puri. Not only the temple but also the entire city is welcoming its guests with its new impressive look.

Just a few months ago, the surroundings of Srimandir were packed with vending stalls and beggars, much to the inconvenience of the devotees. However, the Lions’ Gate of Srimandir and the immediate surroundings of the 12th-century shrine have been freed from vendors and beggars. Besides, more space has been made available around the temple after the demolition of some mutts.

To enhance the beauty of Srimandir surroundings, the administration has put up hundreds of flower plants alongside the Meghanada wall.

At the beginning of 2020, all structures located within a 75-metre radius of the temple from the Lions Gate side and the entire area has been beautifully decorated with colorful tiles, ornamental plants, flowers and ‘jhoti’. Moreover, a portion of the Grand Road has been decorated with colorful paintings to enhance the beauty of the Lions’ Gate.

The administration has erected a 270-ft long barricade having 10 rows to regulate the crowd.  To manage the crowd during the festive season, the entire barricade has been covered with sheds and fitted with CCTVs and sound boxes. Metal detectors have been installed at the entrance of the barricades. Even special facilities are also available for senior citizens and differently-abled devotees are now can be arranged by the temple management to see lord and visit the temple complex. The separate row is now prepared for only specially-abled persons so that they need not wait in queue for Temple Darshan.

The temple administration has set up drinking water kiosks, lavatories and shoe stand near the temple. All the services, decorations and arrangements are done by keeping an eye on attracting more tourists to this temple. The temple is renowned as one of the four Dhams of Hinduism, so it should avail updated services to worldwide devotees and tourists. Not only the temple has get its new look, even the beach side also decorated with tiles and special sitting arrangements. The beach side local stalls are set with proper vending zones to give best look to the beach. After devastation of fani cyclone to this beach city, there were many things restructured immediately to make this city beautiful before 2020.   Must plan your Puri trip now with Toshali Sands to see the newly decorated spiritual capital city of Odisha. Toshali Sands will let you enjoy your exclusive temple visit and provide wide range of tour packages to see in and around Puri tourist attractions with great comfort. So what are you waiting for? Book your rooms soon and get best online discounts.

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