Include Interesting Destinations with Chilika Lake Tour Packages

If you are looking for a different type of tour then nothing is better than Odisha trip. Most ancient city, great traditions, different culture but with the touch of modernity. If you don’t have more leaves to enjoy not so much exposed state Odisha, then include the destinations like Puri, Konark, Bhubaneswar and Chilika lake tour packages within your list.

First start with Bhubaneswar tour packages as it is the capital city of the state and when s state you think about visiting this state you have to land here first whether you are coming by air or rail. This city warmly welcomes you with its ample of ancient temples. Among amazing temples Lingaraj, Rajarani temples are the oldest one. Explore more about Bhubaneswar through the sightseeing places that include rarest Buddhist relics, famous arts and crafts village, rock caves and Nandankanan zoological park

Puri Tour Packages

From Bhubaneswar start your trip to Puri, the divine land of Hindus. Puri is a world famous pilgrimage destination due to Lord Jagannath temple, which is recognized as fourth Dham of India. The virgin beaches here are also most popular due to its safe side approaches then other world over beaches.

Konark Tour packages

From Puri, Konark is the nearest tourist destination, which is known for its most beautiful architectural Sun temple that has been built in the shape of a chariot. Due to this Kalinga architecture, Konark temple is included within UNESCO for its unique beauty.

After visiting all this historical destinations, now come to most soothing natural destination and that is Chilika. This is a place which is known as a tourist spot. Also people of various academic interests and hobbies, like photography, come to this place to observe and capture the bio-diversity and underwater life of the animals. Nalabana, Mangalajodi, bird island, Satapada, Breakfast Island and Honeymoon Island etc. are the important nearby places which should be visited by one.

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