Importance of Eco-Friendly Hotel

An eco-friendly hotel is an environmentally friendly lodging that espouses environmental sustainability. Unlike the rest, they pursue the concept of green living and have less impact on the environment. In the early days, eco-friendly hotels were limited mostly within the jungles. Be that as it may, today, they can likewise be found in the ordinary areas too. Toshali Sands at Puri is planning to make it’s all services eco-friendly to completely turn in to the nature-friendly resort.

What is the importance of an eco-friendly hotel?

Energy conservation

A hotel unquestionably would have a large expenditure of energy. Particularly in the zones of lighting, air conditioning, and water heating. By adopting the concept of green living, you can find various other eco-friendly alternatives for this. This includes options like solar power and wind power. In both cases, energy is produced from renewable resources and subsequently doesn’t have any negative impact on nature.

A lot of energy consumption will be lessened because of the switching to LED lights, energy-saving air conditioners, and televisions, and energy-efficient hotel kitchen and laundry appliances.

Support to the local people

The local farmers of the area would be benefited much due to the usage of their locally grown foods by these Eco-friendly hotels. It would also reduce the consumption of other energy resources that would have otherwise been required for the transport of food. Henceforth, it decreases the emission of carbon as well.

Only eco-friendly services

Such hotels will likewise guarantee that all the utensils and dishes used are reusable

  • The usage of air fresheners and non-green toxic cleaning and laundry detergents like chorine and petrochemical cleaners will be avoided. Rather, Green seal certified biobased cleaning products will be used
  • Toilet paper, facial tissue, and towels provided by the hotel would be green seal certified
  • Ensures that only sustainable and Eco-friendly resources are utilized
  • All the furniture will be made of sustainable materials like 100% natural latex
  • Only linens, mattresses and towels made of natural fibers will be used
  • Water conservation

Though water technically is renewable and inexhaustible, we know that our mother earth consists of just 3% usable water. This is getting polluted and used up at a very high rate. So the sustainability of water as a renewable resource is questionable

An Eco-friendly hotel in Puri the bathroom showers, and toilets have a low-flow system. Rooms also consist of sink aerators. Hence, the wastage of water is reduced on a daily basis

Waste management

The eco-friendly hotels would ensure that all the room amenities used, like the toiletries, soap, and shampoo are organic and have biodegradable packaging

  • Plastic and paper cups will be supplanted with reusable glasses
  • Proper composting of food wastage instead of letting them flow to the nearby rivers or landfills

The creation of Eco-friendly hotels has got an enormous effect and influence on the protection of our mother earth. Toshali Sands is trying to develop a feeling of contributing their bit to the protection of earth among the customers.

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