How to spend a beautiful vacation in Shimla with family

Shimla mesmerize tourist with its snow coated mountain ranges, forest ranges, natural beauty, historic monuments, flora and fauna. Shimla offer everything asked by a traveller be it breathtaking lakes, snow filled mountains, alluring climate, or natural greenery. In India, Shimla is popularly known as queen of hill station. The city of Shimla and nearby places never ceases to surprise with its charming beauty. The pictures some beauty and ancient colonial structures add charm to this amazing place. Nature has given blessing to this beautiful hill station with countless gifts. Enjoying Shimla natural beauty on foot is the best way to know the city. Day after day, Shimla have becomes every Indian’s family top vacation retreat. Among other hill stations, Shimla is one of the hill stations which in the brink of modernization but also holding moments from British raj. With such a wide range of travelling spaces and attractions, Shimla is definitely one of the most visited tourist destination in India. It is important to know few things before knowing places to visit in Shimla.

Here are few essentials…

How to Reach Shimla:

Shimla have excellent connectivity to rest of the country. You can travel to Shimla either by air, train or Road. Shimla airport is in the city itself. Transport by Train and Bus is easily available to visit Shimla.

Best Time to visit Shimla:

Shimla is one of the places which can be visited throughout the year. Atmosphere is pleasant in summer and you can see worthy snowfalls in winter. Monsoon brings out the green character of the hills.

Local Sightseeing:

Shimla is one of the most scenic hill stations in India. As the queen of hills, it has its own unique and charm. Every year, thousands of travelers flung to Shimla to absorb its beauty and tranquillity. Main local sightseeing in Shimla is Shimla Ridge, The Mall, Tudor library, Kufri hill, Scandal point, Christ Church, Jakku Temple, Tara Devi Temple, Golf course and overall summer hills in Shimla.  

Accommodation in Shimla:

Shimla is a very popular tourist destination in India and thronged by travelers during the peak season. It is good to book your holidays in advance before visiting Shimla. There are many hotel options in Shimla range from 5 stars, 4 and 3-star hotels, and resorts to budget hotels options.

Every tourist wants a smart stylish hotel with comfortable, well furnished rooms in a good location. Many people also look for reasonable tariff as a point before selecting a hotel. There are many good hotels in Shimla like Oberoi cecil, Radisson, Toshali Royal View etc.

Peak season in Shimla is filled with visitors as thousand people descend to Shimla. If you are planning to visit Shimla, it is good if you make a prior booking to avoid paying higher tariff. In peak winters, nature will turn to pretty cold with snowfall. It is advised to stay in a hotel like ToshaliRoyalView for example which provides room heaters. Luxury Resorts in Shimla is also very popular among honeymoon travellers and that’s why it is good to choose a travel package for your itinerary.

Before choosing a star hotel, one needs to see all the facilities and room availabilities prior to planning. Hotel and resorts like ToshaliRoyalView provides multi cuisine restaurant, bar, banquet halls, indoor and outdoor games, spa facilities and other services.

Apart from travellers, Toshali Royal View is also ideal for business meetings, conferences, and adventurous vacations.


Choosing your Hotels in Shimla is an important decision as apart from sightseeing, one will spend most of the time in hotel. Best resorts like Toshali Royal View has made a name for itself by giving top hospitability service at best prices. You can choose your room from many types of pre defined services for your staying in the resorts. If you are choosing Shimla for your leisure destinations, then visit for your decision regarding to accommodation, facilities, conference, packages and travel deals.

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