Hotels in Bhitarkanika for Best Comfort within Jungle

Bhitarkanika is a land of lush green mangroves and  a habitat of migrating birds, turtles, crocodiles and wild animals is spread over 672 sq km in Kendrapara District of Odisha.  In addition to this unique habitat, Bhitarkanika’s exceptional bio-diversity attracts visitors to the nature’s lap.

Taking account of the rising curiosity of tourists, the authorities have introduced eco-friendly rickshaws for commuting tourists in the Bhitarkanika National Park. The eco-friendly rickshaws will not only help in preserving the nature but will also provide a better prospect in protecting the ecosystem from growing pollutions. Even nowadays you can find most of hotels in Bhitarkanika are arranging tour packages and camping for adding more fun for tourists within the wild park.

Bhitarkanika is a prime habitat of leopard cat, hyena, wild boar, spotted deer, and salt water crocodile including partially white crocodile, python, snakes, lizards and birds. The introduction of ecofriendly rickshaws is a positive step in providing hassle-free conveyance for domestic and international tourists, without harming the rich biodiversity. The hotels are including jungle resort and packages of 2/3/4/5 days stay within Bhitarkanika to get best adventure experience. Hotels in Bhitarkanika are providing all basic arrangements within best possible comfort for you within the jungle.

Bhitarkanika is one such location of rich, lush green vibrant eco-system lying in the estuarine region of Brahmani- Baitarani in the North-Eastern corner of Kendrapara district. The area is intersected by a network of creeks with Bay of Bengal on the East. The alley between the meandering creeks and rivers, houses the second largest viable mangrove eco-system of India. If you are planning your visit to this wild park must book your packages at hotels in Bhitarkanika for best experience.

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