Hotels at Baliapanda for Married Couple Accommodation

Everyone dreams of their wedding night in one of the hotels at Baliapanda for honeymooners. Well, almost everyone that is. In Puri, there are honeymoon package options to suit any couple’s budget who wish to spend some exotic and romantic escape in one of the most coveted dream beach honeymoons in Puri. There are plenty of experiences the couple may desire in Puri during their special time. There are no boundaries in Puri married couple accommodation, for those couples with no budget issues; there are five-star hotels with top refinements and pomp. If you are traveling with a little lesser budget, there isa wide array of choices, all equally romantic and just as beautiful as the city itself.

Toshali Sands is one of the most popular hotels at Baliapanda for honeymooners. For those couples who want everything in one place, there are all-inclusive options for newlyweds too. You might want to plan everything before going to Puri and decide which part of the city you want to stay in. For example, you want to stay near the Jagannath temple, or near the Swargadwar beach, which are crowded destinations within Puri. If you want your honeymoon villa at any lonely destination or away from the crowd then choose hotels on Marine Drive- Puri-Konark road.

Ask the experts and they will also tell you that Toshali Sands is one of the best choices for hotels at Baliapanda for honeymooners. It is a four-star resort, one of the finest, and it is a perfect spot for an intimate honeymoon. At this resort, you will find a fairly moderate price compared to its competitions. This four-star resort provides the best married couple accommodation with lavish comforts and privacy you need while you are in the hotel. You will find a pool, bar, multicuisine restaurant, spa services, and wellness packages. Each room has a spa with private terraces for that complete privacy and total relaxation. And there is more; for couples who decide to stay for more than ten days, they can plan for in and around Puri travel packages.

If you want personalized service for your honeymoon executive villa, then head to Toshali Sands. This popular honeymoon getaway features lovely near to beach cottages in a lush tropical garden setting guaranteed to make your stay a memorable one. With years of experience in catering to newlyweds, it is one of the most popular hotels at Baliapanda. The resort also boasts its honeymoon packages for a few days’  stays with the following; a honeymoon villa, dinner, and breakfast, a welcome drink upon arriving, distinguish tour packages, airport transfers, and beach sports, including snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, and water skiing. So book your villas at one of the best hotels at Baliapanda at Toshali Sands for a great experience.

Toshali Sands honeymoon packages come with upgrade options for married couple accommodation like honeymoon villa, honeymoon executive villa or a luxury cottage.

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