Himalayan National Park The Land of Wildlife

Himachal Pradesh is the only land that attracts every kind of tourists towards it, whether it is your leisure tour, adventure tour, business tour, pilgrimage tour and natural tour or honeymoon tour. If it is your adventure tour then Himalayan National park and wildlife sanctuaries provide you best wild trip.

Himachal Pradesh has great tourism potential as it provides great rivers, snow clad mountains, wildlife national parks and beautiful hang outs and adventure trekking routes, hill stations, honeymoon destinations, best pilgrimage destinations and so on. One can enjoy the adventure activities in the region like river rafting, trekking, Para-gliding, mountaineering and hiking through the dense forest of Himachal.

Unique varieties of creatures, birds, exhausted scenery make nature enthusiasts to explore their best. Different seasons let you give their best natural views for you at this state. Distinguished varieties of found wildlife in Himachal Pradesh are Ursus arctos, musk deer, range of hills wild goat, monal, encourage pheasant, big cat, tragopan, differnet types of birds etc.

Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Manali Wildlife Sanctuary, Pin natural depression parkland, Simbalbara sanctuary, Characteristics Recreation area Kufri, Kalatop Khajjar Sanctuary, Renuka Sanctuary, etc area unit the distinguished life destinations for nature lovers. These life places area unit enticing enough to take your attention completely.

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