Guidelines of Yoga Package in Puri

When you are planning to attend Yoga package in Puri then must follow the guidelines to give complete attention on yoga to purify your body, mind and soul.

Where to Practice

Your place of Practice should be clean, quiet and if it not in outside then should be a well-ventilated room. Bed smells should not come. Be acquainted to practice at same place. Never practice on bare floor and don’t even use spongy mattress.

Practice Time

Keep in mind to go for Yoga package in Puri at morning hour. Before breakfast practicing is always recommended. If you are unable to practice in morning then do asanas in the evening. But your stomach shouldn’t be fill with foods.


Your clothing should be light as per climate conditions. Make them loose enough to do free movements with it easily.

Points to Remember for Practice

Clean your stomach and body before going to attend yoga package in Puri. Must wait for at least three hours after food before doing asanas. Don’t try to complete all the asana from first day only. Be on your comfort zone, don’t use excessive force to attain all asanas. Make all moments slowly, with control and in synchronization with breath.

When you are adopting Yoga package in Puri you need to be fully relaxed during the time of stretching muscles. Don’t use excessive energy. Be slow and control your movements with breath-control techniques. Be aware of your breath and parts of body while doing final posture. After completion of asanas relax for some time.

Benefits of Practice

  • Daily practice of yoga package in Puri loosen up your joints of the body. Tone your muscles and remove poisons.
  • Asanas harmonize your nervous system. Yoga slowly but surely leads to provide best possible physical health.
  • Regular practice of yoga packages balances your hormones, those leads to emotional and mental well-being.

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