Goan Village: One Best Candolim Beach Hotel

A true gem among the three star category Goa accommodations, Candolim beach hotel, Goan Village has, in a short time-span, become one of the most popular beach hotels in North Goa. Located on one of the many stunning sandy beaches in Goa, this hotel is set in lush, near the beach – offering a charm found in few other hotels.

This little treasure stretches near Candolim beach, all the way down to the beach. It boasts swimming pool, multi cuisine restaurant, gym, wellness packages, spa facilities any many more. The rooms are cool and airy and are contemporary in design. Delicious offerings from the kitchen make you enjoy fresh local ingredients that is served with blended choice of cuisines throughout the world.

It’s the natural beauty, dazzling colors and of course fantastic Goan hospitality that brings people back to Goa year after year, and when combined with the extra special comfort of a stay at Goan Village, Candolim Beach hotel, a truly memorable vacation is guaranteed. When you’ve enjoyed a day at the beach or perhaps a morning at one of the colorful Goan markets, it’s great to return to a cool room in one of the friendliest hotels in Goa – before sampling the mouthwatering local cuisine or chilled cocktails a bit later on. These are the pleasures that can make your Goan holiday so special.


Discover why Goan Village, Candolim Beach hotel was one of the topyetbest budget hotel in Goa. Not only is it perfectly located for enjoyment of the beach, but Goan Village also offers a brand of hospitality that really stands out – where service always comes with a smile.

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