Goa Hotels near Candolim Beach are Best for Mobile Travelers

Mobile phones are now faster and smarter than ever making them indispensable when it comes to organizing our lives. It’s no different from travel: from planning and booking, to actually experiencing new places, mobile technology helps people access the information they need when they need it.

In fact, 53% of travelers prefer to research and book accommodation on a mobile device – but only 25% of properties have a mobile-ready website or app. Do you?

We believe day by day  ‘connected trip’, is increasing as travelers will seek smoother, more seamless journeys and stays by using their smartphones even more – and they’ll expect hoteliers and accommodation owners to be similarly connected. Goa hotels near Candolim beach are the perfect example of mobile-friendly features.

In this age of connected travel, mobile devices are influencing each stage of the customer journey: 31% of travelers favor smartphones and tablets for seeking out travel inspiration, and 50% of guests use their device during a trip.

According to 65% of travelers, businesses that offer up a mobile-friendly website are more likely to receive their bookings. When it comes to using mobile apps, over 50% of travelers like to use them to search for accommodation, find the best deals and book last-minute trips. Book your rooms at Goa hotels near Candolim beach like at Hyde by Toshali or Goan Village. They are providing all their services and discounts on their mobile-friendly websites, so that guest can easily find what they are looking for before finalizing their room booking.

But it doesn’t stop there – 37% of travelers use their mobile devices immediately after their trip, to share their experiences with friends and family on social media.

So, if your property has the right technology in place, you can reach more potential guests researching their trips, offer current guests exceptional service – and attract a whole new audience through the likes of Instagram and Facebook.

What in-stay mobile expectations do guests have?

With 76% of travelers considering their smartphone to be an essential travel companion, it’s no surprise that they expect the connected experience to continue during their stay at your property.

The most popular tasks that guests want to complete on their mobile phones include finding out information about activities in the local area and requesting additional room items such as towels and toiletries.

What’s more, guests expect to be able to book a table, either at the hotel restaurant or a nearby neighborhood restaurant, directly from their phones for Goa hotels near Candolim beach.

Goa hotels near Candolim beach can engage these tech-savvy guests with a mobile-optimized website full of relevant content, and guest messaging apps that help the hotels react quickly to their in-stay requests.

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