Get our Meeting Hall – Mantrana, Panchayat, Indraprastha, IndraprasthaI and II in Puri

Arranging a serious business meeting or conference requires extensive and professional planning. We assure you of highest service quality standards in helping you to organize a business conference or corporate meeting. There are no hassles in the process in which we arrange the necessary facilities and manage each detail of the event. We don’t give any chance to our clients to complain about our service quality. We boast multiple conference or meeting halls at our 4-start resort. Continue reading to know further details about our business meeting halls.


Mantrana is a top-notch and renowned meeting hall in Puri. In the past years, many corporate houses have arranged training sessions, meetings, and conferences at the hall. It is regarded as an appropriate hall to organize the best conference in Puri. The hall is marvelously equipped with an extensive set of top-quality audio-visual (AV) machines. You would be impressed with our professional approach to organize the meeting or conference on your behalf. Also, we care about the professionally aesthetic appeal of the hall for the event. You never have to remain concerned about anything.


There is no dearth of choices at our resort as far as meeting halls are concerned. As the best hotel in Puri, we offer our clients and guests Panchayat, another luxurious meeting hall. It has a spacious theater and plush board room. We make the necessary arrangements complying with the specific requirements of the client. The conference hall is in sleek U-shape. You can completely rely on our prolific skills in hospitality in helping you to organize a meeting or conference at Panchayat hall. It is also possible to hold a product-launch event at the hall. It is our main priority to focus on the particular interests of our guests and clients.


It is yet another hall that you can consider if you intend to organize a corporate event. The hall is air-conditioned like other halls in our hotel. The hall has excellent AV machines, too. The professional aesthetics of the hall are bound to impress you.

Indraprastha I and II

If you plan a corporate meeting or conference that requires many people to accommodate, don’t worry about it. We handle everything on your behalf. There are combined facilities of Indraprastha I and II – twin halls – providing sufficient facilities to hold big corporate events. We genuinely care about the reputation of your business. The seating capacity of combined halls is ample.

Large Parking Space for 4-Wheelers

It is obvious that most guests would arrive at a corporate event on 4-wheelers. We have a spacious parking area reserve for 4-wheelers. Hence, there is no need to bother about accommodating the vehicles in the parking lot. We take care of the details in a secure parking zone.

You Can Give Us a Call

Don’t hesitate to give us a call to know more about our various service features and facilities. We readily address your queries. We are here to help you successfully organize a grand corporate event without any glitches.

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