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Spreading over an area of 155,820 square kilometers, Odisha is one of the most beautiful and ancient states of India. Right from charming age-old temples to captivating natural escapes, sun-kissed beaches to wildlife sanctuaries all places to visit in Odisha,  the state boasts of almost everything that is enough to entice a traveler. Here is a list of promising destinations that gives you best ideas to visit the state.


Chilika is extending over three major districts of the state, namely Puri, Khurda and Ganjam, this huge waterbody provides shelter to a wide range of avifauna and turns to one of the best tourist attractions in Odisha. The Nalabana Island is a picturesque site where contrasting species of migratory birds can be witnessed. For an unbeatable experience boat riding will be a must enjoy activity in Chilika. Satapada side of Chilika is ideal for dolphin watching.


Puri is worldwide known for the Jagannath Temple and is one of the four most pious centers for Hindus in India. The Jagannath temple is known to be the tallest temple of the state and has unique ancient architecture. It is a major attraction but it is very important to note that entry to this temple is only open for Hindus. To spend a great holiday you can make Puri hotels bookings in advance. During Rath Yatra it is wise to book hotels early to get a great chance to enjoy Puri festival smoothly. Along with making your stay at hotels in Puri you can get visit destinations through hotel travel guides

Raghurajpur Artists Village

Raghurajpur is India’s famous Patachitra painters craft village. The creative artisans of the village lead a simple life and create spellbinding handicrafts such as stone carvings, palm leaf engravings, cow dung toys, wood carvings, paper Mache toys and masks, wooden toys, and tusser paintings. It is included in Odisha tour packages for a great introduction of Odisha art and culture.

lingaraj Temple

Designed in Kalinga Architecture Style, Lingaraj Temple is claimed to be the oldest and largest temple of Bhubaneswar. Made of red sandstone, the temple enshrines the seat of Swayambhu Shiva. The massive Lingam is made of granite stone and it is one of the prominent Shiva temples of Odisha.

Dhauli Hills is located on the bank of Daya River near Bhubaneswar and known to be one of the best places for family holidaying in Odisha. Today no sign of the war is visible on this famous place and it is popular for the Vishwa Shanti Stupa, which is a pristine white colour pagoda conversing about the world peace.

Nandan Kanan

Nandan Kanan or the Garden of Pleasure is a National Park located in the vicinity of Kanjia Lake near Bhubaneswar. One of the most famous Eco-Tourism places to visit in Odisha; this protected land is a part of Chandaka Forest where a total number of 126 species of animals can be found. 54 cages are inhabited by 88 species of endemic and 32 exotic species of animals.


Bhitarkanika National Park is one of the most sought-after destinations for nature explorers in Odisha, which is located in Kendrapara District of Odisha. A biodiversity hotspot, the park is home to the largest population of huge salt water crocodile in India. The park is also the hub of around 215 species of avifauna and an amazing variety of kingfishers.

Konark Temple

One of its kinds Sun Temple, Konark is an artistically enriched town in Puri district of Odisha. The sea beaches, natural beauty and manmade wonders paint the picturesque landscape of this small town perfectly and transform it to a quaint holiday retreat.

Apart from the above attractions, Odisha tour packages include wide range of places like, Jajpur Buddhist destination, Chandrabhaga, Sambalpur, wild parks of Odisha, different beach holidays and many more.

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