Dadri Mela : The Largest Cattle Fairs in India

India is a land of festivals, fairs and celebrations. Most of these follow the crop cycle. Over time they have grown legends, most portraying the victory of good over evil. And all adding to the color and gaiety to life.

Legend says Ballia was the capital of King Bali, who was vanquished by Lord Vishnu in his ‘Vamana’ incarnation. It was once situated in the confluence of river Ganga and Saryu.

In more modern times Ballia was the birth place of the hero of First War of Indian Independence, Mangal Pandey. The city of Ballia is also believed to the birth place and workplace of Maharshi Bhrigu.

Dadri is a village some 5 km from the town of Ballia in Uttar Pradesh. Every year on Kartik Poornima (October – November) it hosts one of the largest cattle fairs of the world, alongwith the Sonepur and Pushkar fair. There is a temple dedicated to Sage Bhrigu in Dadri. It is believed that this is where Dardar Muni, son of Sage Bhrigu, on the boon of Lord Brahma, undertook penance. The fair attracts about a million people. It is famous for trading in livestock.

Dadri Mela /Fair is held on 21 November 2010

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