Conference at Puri: Best MICE Destination

It is true that corporate tourism is on the rise every year. Though big brands and big business industry can afford to use international locales as MICE Tourism destinations, but it can’t be possible for all business houses. Not everyone can afford corporate travel in the same style. So instead of choosing international destinations choose local destinations like MICE Tourism in India which are majorly opted by Goa, Puri, Bhubaneswar, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and many more.

Puri is apart from its devotional point of view increasingly becoming an attractive prospect for corporate tourism. The amenities like speakers, microphones, projectors, internet connectivity and so on which are required for meetings. Such necessities are being met by conference at Puri hotels, as they realize the increasing traffic that corporate tourism now provides. Conference in Puri hotels with varying room sizes and services offer you an opportunity to choose your place to hold conventions, meetings or conferences, which are depending on the number of attendees and your budget.

These MICE tourism hotels at Puri are adding wide categories of hotels, starting from three stars to five stars, provide both on and off-site support for space and rental equipment, according to your company budget. You can hold exhibitions showcasing your company’s achievements at such hotels for prospective clients. You can also display your company’s achievements to directors or share holders periodically at conference in Puri.