Get Quality Accommodation at Puri Hotels

Puri is one of the most-celebrated religious towns and is visited by an abundance of devotees each year. Puri is known for both spirituality and material peace. In order to accommodate the plethora of travelers, Puri Hotels have to be ready all the while.

From the big catalog of Puri Resorts, the visitors can easily choose any one according to their requirement and budget. If budget allows, they can go for a luxury hotel in Puri to make their holidays more memorable and enjoyable. If not, they can opt for any of the 2 and 3 Star Hotels & Resorts in Puri to enjoy all the modern services and facilities on budget and cheap rates. Offering you convenient tour to the holy town, various Puri Tour Packages are available in the market. There are a number of reasons that make Puri tourism a trend now.

You can find Hotels in Puri are ideal place for leisure and business tour. Your Conferences & Meetings in Puri Hotels equipped with a large number of conference facilities turns ino lucrative business deals. Furthermore, marriages in Puri is a growing trend now days and Puri hotels and resorts provide full satisfaction and enjoyment to you and your guests during your special event. Some amazing spots to be seen in Puri are Chilika Lake and Pipli, apart from the famous Jagannath Temple.

So, you don’t have to be in any doubts and hesitations about your accommodation in Puri. Just go there and see the unseen colors of the holy town.

Easily Available Cheap Accommodation in Puri

Puri is a place where you can find material comfort and spiritual peace placed together. The holy town is one of the 4 most celebrated religious places in India. The Lord Jagannath Temple situated here pulls a large number of devotees from all over the world to participate in the famous Puri Rath Yatra festival that is celebrated here with a lot of pomp and show. A host of Puri hotels are available to accommodate this abundance of tourists during the peak season.

The resorts in Puri are available in a big way, ranging from luxury to budget to cheap resorts. All for your cheap accommodation in Puri, you can find here a number of options to be fit in your pocket. So, you don’t have to think about your pocket when you decide for this religious tour as the cheap hotels in Puri are here to provide you all the latest facilities and superb services.
There are a number of attractions in Puri to hold the full attention of tourists. Apart from the religious places like Jagannath Temple and Gundicha Temple, among others, there are many wonderful worth visit spots in the peaceful town, including Chilika Lake and Pipli. You can enjoy the color play appearing on the sky of the amazing beaches in Puri, during sunrises and sunsets.

So, there is a lot to see and feel in the holy town and your accommodation is fully taken care of by Puri hotels and resorts. You just make a visit.

Organize Big Events of Your Life in Puri

Puri, the holy town known for giving space to material and spiritual advancement together, is the place well equipped for organizing well the big events of your life. The hotels and resorts in Puri have proved to be the best service providers of these important events of your life.

Marriages & Weddings in Puri are highly preferred by the people from many parts of the country. Giving a start to the second phase of life in the holy town like Puri is something that is not less than a dream coming true for a number of people in India. Puri Hotels are here to offer the best of the facilities for this one of the most special event of your life, leaving no space for complaints from the side of your guests.

Puri is a suitable place not only for organizing these personal events of your life but also for all the professional events. You will find a fine atmosphere here for holding all the important Conferences & Meetings in Puri Hotels. You can easily rely on these Puri Resorts to hold the big conference for you as they are well equipped with sophisticated and contemporary conference amenities and provide sufficient seating capacity for a large number of delegates.

The of the best Puri hotels and resorts is Toshali Sands which is always prepared to provide you excellent Marriages & Weddings services and outstanding Conferences & Meetings facilities. And guess what? All these superb services and facilities are delivered to you in your own budget.

So, you can easily rely on Toshali Sands to make arrangements for the big events of your life in the holy town Puri.

Puri Rath Yatra 2012 to Feel Real Spiritual Advancement

The wait for the Puri Rath Yatra 2012 celebration is going to end on June 21 when Lord Jagannath will appear out of His Temple in Puri and His devotees will get a chance to see, touch and feel their loving God. Puri Rath Yatra is much awaited annual festival celebrated in Puri each year. The craziness of devotees, pulling the elaborately-decorated Raths of Lord Jagannath and His siblings, is really something that is able to mesmerize you whether you are watching this splendid event on TV or listening to its commentary on Radio. Now, just imagine how enchanting it would be for you when you yourself are present in the grand event to be held this Monsoon.

Although the Rath Yatra is celebrated across India, Puri holds the special place in the heart of the devotees of Lord Jagannath. This is so because of the 12th century Jagannath Temple Puri situated here. Car Festivals Puri is celebrated with full pomp and show and Lord Jagannath showers its blessings to its devotees coming from all parts of the globe, every year.

You can experience very easy and comfy spiritual journey and accommodation in the holy town by enjoying Puri Rath Yatra Festival Tour, same like millions of devotees from India and abroad are doing every year. Choose a package which suits the best to your budget from the large variety of Puri Rath Yatra Tour Packages made available by Indian tour operators.

So, get ready for a spiritual advancement during the upcoming Puri Rath Yatra 2012, which was largely untouched in your life till date.

Puri Rath Yatra Packages for a Lifetime Experience

Rath Yatra in Puri is celebrated every year with all a full pomp and show and devotees from all over the world come here to be part of the grand celebration. To make their spiritual journey and accommodation very easy and comfy, a big variety of Puri Rath Yatra Packages are available here. You can use these packages available in the market to make your Puri visit very convenient. Puri Rathayatra Tour Packages are ranging from budget to luxury and you can make a choice according to your pocket.

Puri, counted among the four most celebrated four holy cities in India, is a famous Hindu shrine and the abode to the renowned Jagannath Temple. The Rath Yatra festival celebrated in Puri is world famous and people wait for it every year to pay homage to their loving God Lord Jagannath.

The time for this year’s grand celebration of Rath Yatra Puri is due on June 21, 2012. Devotees are impatiently waiting for the big day. People are using Puri Tour Packages to make their aim easy to see, touch and feel their deity on the day of Rath Yatra when Lord Jagannath, along with His siblings, will come out of His abode to meet His devotees. This is the day when non-Indian devotees are allowed to see the Lord. So, people from oversees also visit the place in a big number on the Rath Yatra day.

So, avail these tour packages and celebrate Rath Yatra in Puri as a lifetime experience.

Don’t Worry About Accommodation in Puri

Puri, among the most-revered holy town according to Hindu mythology, is known for a place of spiritual growth and material comfort as well. A large number of visitors come to this one of the most celebrated Hindu Shrine, each year. Hotels & Resorts in Orissa are always ready to accommodate the plenty of tourists to the holy town. Apart from Puri, Hotels & Resorts in Bhubaneswar are also lacking nothing in offering best accommodation to the visitors.

The big catalog of Hotels in Puri makes you choose any of it which suits the best to your requirement. You can opt for any 4 star Hotels in Puri, if you can spend some more money to get accommodation in a luxury hotel to make your holydays more pleasurable. If you want to put a little less burden on your pocket, I suggest you to go for any 3 star Hotels in Puri where you pay comparatively small bucks without compromising much with luxury and comfort. If still you want to spend a smaller amount of money, you can enjoy the services offered by 2 star Hotels in Puri and 1 star Hotels in Puri. So, you have lots of options for accommodation during your visit to the holy city. You just have to make a choice and have all the fun in the beach town.

Among the 4 star Hotels in Puri, Toshali Sands has make its own name. The resort is a suitable destination for leisure and business travelers both. It offers all the latest facilities and superb services to its guests, rendering full comfort and satisfaction to them.

So, if you are looking to visit Puri, accommodation should not be an issue of worry for you in the presence of these remarkable hotels and resorts.

Get Best Accommodation with Puri Hotels

Puri, one of the most-celebrated Hindu Shrine, is visited by a plethora of devotees every year. The holy town is known not only for spirituality but also for material peace. To accommodate the abundance of travelers, Puri Hotels have to be prepared all the while.

From the large list of Hotels in Puri, you can easily make a choice according to your requirement. If your pocket allows, you can go for any luxury hotel in Puri to make your vacations more memorable and enjoyable. If not, cheap budget hotels Puri are also available and you can enjoy their superb services and latest facilities without making a hole in your pocket.

Hotels in Puri are all suitable place for leisure as well as business travelers. If you are a businessman and looking to hold Conferences & Meetings in Puri Hotels, it will be really an excellent idea. Puri Hotels offer a large range of conference facilities to make your business deals lucrative for you. Moreover, they offer all the best venues for organizing Marriages & Weddings in Puri. Your guests always feel a high level of satisfaction from the warm hospitality provided here.

Not only the religious places but also some amazing spots like the Chilika Lake and Pipli are the centre of tourist attractions in the town. Moreover, viewing the color play on the sky from the beaches in Puri is another genuine reason to rejuvenate your mind and body both.

So, go to the beach town and get enthralled by the vividness of Puri, without any doubt and hesitation about accommodation.

Dol Purnima or Dola Jatra marks the Holi festival celebrations in Orissa and West Bengal.

Dol Poornima 1

“Dolecha Dologovindam, Chapecha Madhausudhanam
Rathetu Bamanam Drustwa, Punarjanma Nalabhyate”

Dola Purnima or Dol Poornima is the auspicious day during Holi festival celebrations in Orissa. Dola Purnima 2011 is celebrated on 19th March. The celebrations of Dola Purnima are similar to that of Dol Purnima festival in Bengal. The festival is also known as Dolajatra or Dol Yatra.

Dol Purnima harks the advent of Spring and is synonymous with Shri Radha Krishna. Around the region of Braj bhoomi – Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana and Nandgaon this is one of the prime celebrations, on the last full moon day of Phalguna. It also marks the birthday of saint Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Legend has it that Hiranyakashipu ordered demoness Holika to burn Prahlad in a fire. The fireproof demon Holika died but Prahlad survived due to the grace of Lord Vishnu. The tradition of symbolically burning Holika stayed. In Southern India Holika dahan signifies the burning of Kamdeva due to the wrath of Lord Shiva.

In Orissa and Bengal, Holi Celebrations will begin on Phagu Dasami and end on Phalgun Poornima or main Holi festival will be celebrated on the day after Dol Purnima.

In Bengal Dol Purnima is a day of colours, revelry and as with most celebrations in Bengal – sweets – malpoa, kheer sandesh, basanti sandesh (saffron), saffron milk, payash etc. The west Indian expats brought with them bhang, it stayed. In Shantiniketan Dol Jatra is celebrated with songs and dance of Rabindranath tagore.

Dol Purinima / Dol Jatra Celebration at Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri Odisha
Dol Purinima / Dol Jatra Celebration at Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri Odisha

The tradition followed in Puri is similar. After Holika dahan ladies mark out the site with a mixture of powdered raw rice and turmeric. The idols of Shri Radha Krishna is replaced by Lord Jagannath. After all he is but another synonym of Krishna.

The palanquin with the Lord is taken out in a procession. In the evening, milkmen, carry the Lord on their shoulders, for Krishna belonged to their clan. It is scented ‘abir’, colours, sweets and celebrations till evening, when the Lords take a bath and return to temple.

In some places, the new Oriya Panchang or almanac is read after the swing festival. In some regions, the festival comes to an end only on the tenth day and this is known as Dasa Dola. Numerous fairs are also organized during this period, which is called as Dola Jatra or Dol Yatra.

Dola Yatra from Lord Jagannath temple Puri to ‘’Dolabedi,’’ Jagannath (substitute) Dolagobinda, along with Maa Laxmi & Swarasati going to play holi at Dolabadi Puri Thousand of pilgrims & Tourist Enjoying this day.

“Dola Purnima” is a popular festival in the coastal districts of Odishaa. Lord Jagannath is worshiped as the name of Dolagovinda in this festival. On this day Odiya calendar becomes ready and it is worshiped on Dolabedi infront of Dolagovinda. It is the full-moon day in the month of Falguna.

This festival is mentioned as Basantotsab or Vasantotsav or Basant rithu festival in Puranic texts.

“Holi Mae Sab Miljate Hai, Khusiyo Ke Rang Khil Jate Hai”  Early Bird Reservation and Booking Open for Family and your friends to celebrate colourful Holi at Toshali Sands, Puri You can also contact “Metu” your Travel Consultant at and

Balighai Beach at Puri, Orissa : A Popular Holiday Spot

Balighai beach is just four kilometers from Puri along the spectacular Puri – Konark marine drive.  Fringed with Casuarinas, the sea and Nuanai river. It is clean and well maintained. The adjacent Balihirana Sanctuary for the protected Indian Black Bucks. If lucky you may have a glimpse of this shy and fast antelope.

Balighai Beach, Puri
Balighai Beach, Puri

This is a private beach of Toshali Sands (exclusive right to use by the guests of Toshali Sands Ethnic village resort) and Yoga sessions and other beach activity, etc. for the guests. It is maintained according to strict government guidelines. The resort is known for the green cover. The Sea Turtle Research Centre is nearby. The beach area is part of the breeding zone of Olive Ridleys. There are talks of a cycling trek of the reserve forest right up to Konark along the marine drive and harnessing wind and solar energy for a more green source of power.

Moonlit nights and sunrise or sunsets are pure magic. The scenery is a wash with molten silver and gold and oh if you are lucky on a moonlit night when the sea whispers to the shores the Olive Ridleys come ashore to lay eggs (November to February). They return to the same beach where they once swam away from as hatchlings – like the Salmon run another enduring mystery of nature. Bird watchers can track some as some winged visitors o n their way to the world famous Chilka Lake.

Balighai beach is a very popular picnic and vacation spot, located near the holy seaside city Puri, Orissa. The best time to visit Balighai beach is during October to June.

Toshali Sands, Orissa’s Ethnic Village Resort is where you experience the magic of the Golden Traingle of Puri, Bhubaneshwar & Konark, and the serene beauty of Balighai Beach, to know more  and to nook your Package visit . For more details, please contact your “Metu” your friendly Travel Planner at

10th Konark Youth Fest at the International Tourist Destination.

2001 was the International Year of Volunteers. Since then Young India has been organizing the Konark Youth Festival at Konark. The event is supported by the Ministry of Youth Affairs.

Konark Youth Festival
Konark Youth Festival

Youth is the essence of India. They need to unite in fighting social evils like factionalism, bigotry, superstition and taboos. The spirit of nationalism, scientific mindset and respect for our cultural heritage and tradition must be inculcated in them. The focus is on showcasing performing arts of India to highlight its tradition and heritage. Off late the festival sees several guest participants from foreign countries too. This year shall see the 10th edition of the festival. It is scheduled from 27th to 31st March 2011 at Konark (Odisha).

Young India received the National Youth Award for the year 2008-09 in recognition of outstanding services to the community. The festival invites national youth awardees, NSS volunteers and youth activists from different corners of the country to initiate interaction among them to bring in social change by involving the youth.

Sometimes we are privileged to hear a Oriya song from foreign delegates – there’s one sung by Isa – from Germany and Kevin , who came from the USA in the 2008 edition.

Konark famous for Konark Temple or Sun Temple built with black granite in the form of Chariot. Konark is the World Heritage Site of the renowned 13th century Sun Temple, also called Black Pagoda, built by king Narasimha Dev I. Since long, the huge Konark Temple Complex–which is an architectural wonder–has enthralled the visitors from far off places.

Konark, Puri and Bhubaneswar form a virtual triangle in tourist circle popularly known as “Golden Triangle”. These three places are well connected by good double lane metal road to each other.

How to reach Puri Konark Bhubaneswar tourist triangle –

  • Konark to Puri – 35 Kms – One hour
  • Puri to Bhubaneswar – 60 Kms – Two hours
  • Bhubaneswar to Konark – 65 Kms – Two hours
Konark to Puri – 35 Kms – One hour
Puri to Bhubaneswar – 60 Kms – Two hours
Bhubaneswar to Konark – 65 Kms – Two hours

Ethnic Village Resort “Toshali Sands” at Puri offer an exclusive budget accommodation package to take you to “10th Konark Youth Festival”. For Reservation and Booking Open for Package at . Contact your Travel Desk Consultant “Metu” for more information on “10th Konark Youth Festival” at