Bundi Utsav : Festival of culmination of traditional art, culture and craftsmanship

Bundi festival popularly known as Bundi Utsav is one of the most colorful festival celebrated in the Hadoti district of Rajasthan. Every year this festival is celebrated in the month of November.

Bundi one of the most attractive, beautiful locations in the Hadoti district Rajasthan comes alive during the Bundi Utsav held in the month of November every year. Bundi Utsav is a spectacular culmination of traditional art, culture and craftsmanship which surprises every visitor with its grandeur.

Music, Dance, sports, sightseeing, competitions and many other events organized by the Rajasthan State Tourism Department are not only engaging but also present the scale of Indian Culture and traditions in front of Foreign tourists.

The people visiting the place during this Festival held in the month of Kartik are totally captivated with the scenic and natural beauty.

Held in the month of Kartik, there are a number of religious and traditional customs associated with the celebration of Bundi Festival.

The programme includes : a colorful Shobha Yatra , Arts & Crafts Fair, Ethnic Sports, Cultural exhibition ,DEEP DAAN ,Folk/Classical Music & Dance Programmes , Sight Seeing, Traditional Rural Sports, Turban competition, Bridal Attire , Musical Band Competition, Folk /Classical Music & Dance programme , & sparkling fireworks display etc. Early in the morning after the full moon night of kartik (Purnima), women and men are seen clad in attractive colorful costumes lighting diyas (lamps prepared by them from flour dough) on the banks of River Chambal and seeking blessings by offering prayers

“Keshorai Patan” a small township near Bundi is sometimes referred as “Mini Pushkar” especially on the full moon night of kartik.

Bundi is one of the most picturesque locations of the hadoti district in Rajasthan. It is quite popular that the palaces and forts of Bundi have a fairy tale feel about them. The town is quite isolated from the maddening rush and crowd of adjoining cities and thus at times appears like a beautiful frozen painting.

The town is surrounded by rock gorges and the adjoining river Chambal provides a perfect location for water activities. The zone with the lush green widespread jungles, the vast stretches of forests and wildlife, the sprawling rocks and ravines makes it a paradise for adventure lovers.

Bundi till date claims to be the house of World’s best paintings and their origins. Especially the paintings at Chitrashala are known across the world.

Rajput architecture and feel is still felt in its palaces as in the Bundi Palace.

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