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Yes, we are not bragging when I say it in the topic. We take care of your plan to explore Puri and outskirts, comfortably. As top-notch professionals in the local hospitality industry, we dedicatedly focus on your particular travel and accommodation needs when you visit Pune. You would be delighted to know that we also take care of the menu. Read on to get more details.

We Have Amazing Goodwill

Our hotel is considered to be the Best Resort in Puri and you can easily know it from detailed reviews online. The testimonials of our previous guests speak in favor of us. We are proud about our spotless service standards. As a renowned Luxury Hotel in Puri, it is our main priority to sincerely serve our guests without any compromise.

Located Amidst Beautiful Nature

How about spending your vacation waking up to chirping of love birds and feeling a soothing sensation of fragrant flowers through windows? You would be elated to know that our Resort in Puri is nestled in a nature escape region, close to Balighai Beach. The freshness of the spot is bound to impress you. You would always love to come back to our place whenever you visit Puri.

Our Accommodations Are Of Superior Quality

We never let you complain about anything related to our superior quality accommodations. You would be more than satisfied during your stay. Each room is adorned with classy furniture items. The décor is uniquely aesthetic. You would instantly fall in love with the ambience of the room. Also, the rooms are well-equipped with many varieties of modern facilities such as AC, Geyser, LED TV, Intercom, etc. You don’t have to worry about the service features when you book a room at our resort.

There Is 24-Hour Room Service

One of the exclusive benefits we provide is round the clock room service to our guests. We believe taking care of our guests is the most important duty for us. As experts, we don’t leave any stone unturned in delivering the best services in this regard. It is a guarantee that you would be pleased with our professional approach.

Our Charges Are Competitive

Are you concerned about the budget of staying in our resort? You would be relieved to know that we don’t charge exorbitantly. The service rates we offer are competitive according to usual market standards in Puri. The prices are practically affordable. You would not face any issues as far as managing the budget is concerned. Everything would be under your grip. Moreover, we don’t charge any hidden costs for our services. You can stay relaxed about it.

Call Us Today

Feel free to call us and know more details about our services. You may write an email to our administration. You can expect prompt and clear replies from our side. We feel happy to solve your doubts. It is pretty simple to book a room. You can use our website to reserve a room or an event hall at our resort.

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