Best Restaurant and Bar in Goa That Makes Your Holiday Most Entertaining

North Goa does have some of the most exciting restaurants. There’s something for everybody here, from spicy and flavorful Konkani dishes to the authentic Portuguese foods, the tangy Maharashtrian delicacies to the exotic flavors of the European and Japanese cuisines.

While you get the treat of watching amazing sunsets from these restaurants, you are also treated to the rich cultures of Goa, which is a blend of Portuguese and hippie cultures. If you want to have a great breakfast, a filling lunch or just want the leisure of a sumptuous dinner, these are the best restaurant and bar in Goa at north side.

One of favorite beach shacks in Candolim is run by Hyde Toshali Resort. It serves many Goan favorites and delicious seafood on its extensive menu. Expect a relaxed atmosphere, great food and live music most days. It’s the perfect spot for an evening meal, watching the sunset with your toes in the sand.

This peaceful retreat is the ideal place to escape to, be it for a breakfast, lunch of paninis or quiches, or a sweet afternoon treat of crêpes, waffles or chocolate truffles, all made by their in-house chocolatier. Expect good, fresh home-made food and great coffee, in a garden setting.

Watch out all those fitness freaks, this north Goa best restaurant and bar in Goa will certainly test your limits. Italian, French, Chinese, the spicy local ones, they will be the mermaids luring you into the enchanting depth of the ocean. Even the tough ones fall prey to those seducing cuisines! And you too will fall, but don’t let the guilt haunt you because there’s nothing to be ashamed when you fail fighting against the best! But when you fall just enjoy that moment. Grab a chair, take a long look at the menu, order something and let your tongue and desires take over. Let it enjoy all those flavors. Let it smoke with pepper, let it sweat with chili, let it fret with sour; let it swim in delight with sweet. Goa is not just for your mind, it’s for your tongue too.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Candolim?  If not then come to Hyde. Spend your special moment at this best restaurant and bar in Goa with family and friends and enjoy your best.

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