Beach Wedding in Puri: Your Dream Come True

If you’re looking for a stunning location for your wedding, wedding resorts in Puri offer more choice than any other city.  Puri is one hottest tourist destination and it is easy to see why: sandy beaches, historic destinations, cosmopolitan retreats within the traditional city are all within easy reach of each other. In the midst of all this natural beauty there are any number of perfect wedding venues. All you have to do is choose one to suit your chosen style of wedding.

Cosmopolitan Elegance

Beach wedding in Puri offers several cosmopolitan hotels in the city that enjoy this stunning setting. From modern luxury and elegance hotels and resorts, there are endless possibilities for truly glamorous wedding venues in Puri.

Historic city

World famous Jagannath temple, beautiful historic buildings, fine restaurants and stunning scenery to offer, for a really memorable wedding.  If you want to get blessings of lord Jagannath then you can do temple wedding and give reception at any hotel or else can go book wedding hotels in Puri for a grand or simple wedding as per your wish.

Luxury Spa

If pampering and wellness is your idea of wedding heaven then opting for  Puri wedding venues with spas in beautiful locations could what you’re looking for. With plenty to choose from you’ll be hard put to decide between, a sophisticated hotel in a gorgeous beach setting outside of crowd, Toshali Sands resort renowned for its wide range of hospitality and services, with its own spa attached to the hotel.

Wilderness Reserve

If your dream wedding involves getting away from it all with a select guest list then a wilderness reserve in Toshali Sands, which could be the perfect retreat for your special event. This is one of the best wedding resorts in Puri combines splendid isolation, with natural beauty, gourmet food and pampering in their wellness retreat, so much so that you won’t want to be going away anywhere else on your honeymoon.

For stunning natural beauty within the city, there is no better wedding venue than the renowned Toshali Sands. Their restaurant provides the catering, while your wedding vows can be exchanged in the gorgeous setting of the gardens or halls behind you.

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