Bahuda Yatra-End of Lords’ Nine Days’ Journey

If you have missed Rath Yatra of  Lord Jagannath then still have chance to see some celebrations like Bahuda Yatra and SunaBesha. This year, these are happening on 3rd July and 4th July of this year. The return journey or Lords from Gundicha temple to Puri temple is called as Bahuda Yatra.

On the 10th day, fortnight of ashada the deities are brought back on to their respective chariots and the rath is pulled back to the primary temple. Whilst returning to the principle temple lord jagannath stops again at his “mausima” goddess ardhamsini temple and gets prasad (podapitha). He then proceeds closer to the king’s palace where he has a meeting with goddess Laxmi and keeps his yatra and the rathayatra reaches to an quit the lord Jagannath temple at night and spend their night within the rath till morning.

Next morning on BADA EKADASI the Deities are dressed in the SunaBesha(THE GOLDEN-DRESS), Arms and Feet which are made of pure gold are attached to the Deities, and are decorated by putting on them the Golden Ornaments and Golden Crowns. This day is considered to be the most auspicious day of the festival. After a few hours the golden ornaments are removed from the Deities and brought back to the temple, As usual first comes Balabhadra then Subhadra and then Lord Jagannath in a traditional procession among huge assembly of thousands of devotes.

As per traditional rituals, Lord Jagannath faces a tough time when he tries to enter into the temple, as Goddess Laxmi is angry with Lord Jagannath because he went to Rathayatrawithout her. She  expresses her anger by going to the Gundicha Temple on 5th day of the festival. The DEVIDASIS (servants of GodessLaxmi) close the SimhaDwara and ultimately opens it again but closes the Jaya VijayaDwara. Then Lord Jagannath tells to Goddess Laxmi if he is allowed to enter into the temple He will present her so many gifts, listening to this Goddess Laxmi allows Lord Jagannath to enter into the Temple.

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