Ayurvedic Treatment in Puri: Providing a Healthy Stay

With centuries of development the current Ayurveda system practiced in India is much more than a system of herbal medicine. With the two main aims of treating the symptoms of the disease and strengthening the immune system, this method of healing is a way to health and longevity which can easily be used with the modern western form of medicine to complement it.

Ayurveda treatment is based on the process of purification and rejuvenation, and according to this system the toxins accumulated in the body due to bad health practices has to be expelled for the body to be purified in order to function properly and to guarantee long lasting good health. Apart from specific treatments for identified medical problems, some of the popular Ayurvedic treatments available in whole India includes the Ayurvedic Body Massage, Ayurvedic Head Oil Application, Ayurveda Herbal bath and Steam Bath, Nasal Treatment, and Ayurveda Foot Massage. Now most of the hotels are also introducing Ayurvedic wellness packages to attract customers with the hope of reducing their stress level up to some extent.  Among various parts of India Ayurvedic treatment in Puri, Odisha is also introducing in many luxury hotels and resorts.

The body massage within the package involves application of oil on the body in a manner to induce relaxation and blood circulation. Regular treatment improves the nervous system, strengthens the body and gives longevity. The head oil application is done with different types of oils depending on the condition and ailment of the patient. This method of Ayurveda is used for curing migraine, hair loss, premature graying and eye disorders.

The herbal bath at Ayurvedic treatment in Puri consists of bath water boiled with selected herbs and roots. Depending on the prevailing ailment the types of herbs and roots used and their concentration differs. In the Ayurvedic steam bath the steam of boiled herbs and roots are passed through the body. Most often this treatment is used to cure obesity. For chronic, sinusitis, migraine, facial paralysis and nasal congestion the Ayurvedic nasal treatment is used. The treatment entails the administering of medicated oils and herbs through the nose tract. Producing a reflect effect the internal organs are healed using the Ayurvedic foot massage. Massage of the feet also cures dryness, fatigue and numbness.

Ayurveda being a popular and well recognized form of medication in whole India, there are many hotels in all over India offering Ayurvedic medical care.