Ayudha Mela : The festival of triumph

Ayudha Puja is a local festival celebrated in the month of September/ October in Uttar Pradesh. Ayudha is the birth place of Lord Rama according to the Hindu Mythology so people worship Lord Rama on this day. Mythology also states that Ram was exiled by his father in the jungle and in the process he lost his birthright to be the King.

On this day people clean their instrument and then worship their instrument that they use for their earning. Worship of weapons and tools depict the respect towards the tools which helps in earning. Auto drivers clean and decorate their autos while shopkeepers do the same for their shops and worship Goddess Lakshmi. In modern time, people also worship their vehicles and cooking vessels on this day.

The principal goddesses worshiped during the Ayudha puja are Saraswathi(the Goddess of wisdom, arts and literature), Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) and Parvathi (the divine mother), apart from various types of equipment. Many People mark this festival by visiting temple of Lord Rama and Sita, Pooja depicts the celebration of Victory of good over evil, which also has a vast social bearing on the people of Uttar Pradesh. Different regions follow different traditions for celebrating this festival. Ayudha Puja is the regional festival and celebrated in every nook and corner of Uttar Pradesh. On the ninth day of the Dasara festival, weapons and tools are worshiped. It is an integral part of the Dussehra festival celebration- festival of triumph.

In 2010, Ayudha Puja festival is celebrated on October 16.

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