Do Dham Yatra Tour Packages for Easy Religious Journey

Do Dham Yatra (Journey to Two Holy Places) is a popular and easy concept for those who have not got enough time or budget to have a Chardham Yatra (Journey to Four Holy Places), the most famous religious journey (Yatra) in Hinduism. According to the Vedas, every Hindu goes to the four holiest places (Char-Dham) and washes out their sins, ultimately getting freedom from the rebirth cycle. However, Do Dham Yatra Packages are made available by Indian tour operators to make your religious journey easy and short.

The four Hindu pilgrimage centers in Chardham Yatra are considered as Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath, all situated in Uttarakhand. The state of Uttrakhand, formally Uttranchal, is often referred as the Land of Gods due to the existence of Chardham here. Among the Chardham, Do Dham Yatra includes the journey to Kedarnath and Badrinath, the two of the holiest places in Hinduism.

Do Dham Yatra Packages made available by the tour operators make you have an easy journey to Kedarnath and Badrinath, satisfying your religious longings. Apart from filling you with religious spirit, this tour helps you come across with the essence of nature which was probably unexplored by you before.

These packages are some of the most popular India Tour Packages as they are specifically designed to hold a smooth journey for religious purposes. It will really be a comfy as well as budgeted pilgrimage for you if you have opted for a right tour package. You can select any of these packages and go for a tour for the two of the holiest places of Hindu mythology.

Assam Tour Packages to Explore New Dimensions of Nature

Assam, known as the land of myths and mystery, is among the name of the much-admired tourist destinations in India. And easily available Assam Tour Packages give the tourists another reason to visit the northeastern state of the country.

Assam is often referred as “the land of red rivers and blue hills” due to its exceptional scenic beauty with extensive tea gardens and eternal stretches of paddy fields mixed together with coconut groves, areca nuts, and banana trees.

The second largest North East Indian state, Assam is the homeland of the mighty river Brahmaputra. Besides being the highest timber producer of the country, Assam is also one of the most developed northeastern states. Assam’s tea estates contribute more than a half of India’s total tea production.

The state, blessed with immense natural resources, has been much accessible to the North East due to the fact that it has been ruled by the Ahoms (Shyam tribal of the neighborhood Burma) for a total of six centuries. Tourists have a unique chance to see many historical places including temples located around Sibsagar tanks in the state.

The major reason to go for Assam Tours is the broad list of tourist attractions at Assam. The major tourist attractions of the beautiful state are Guwahati, Kaziranga National Park, Sibsagar, Tezpur as well as Manas Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve.

Tour Packages in Assam offered by the Indian tour operators are totally capable of providing the tourists with the easy tour to the state, that also according to their budget. Indian and international tourists using the India Tour Packages enjoy an easy and safe journey to the beautiful state. Being at Assam, they have an opportunity to explore some new dimensions of the nature.