Jamshed-e-Navroz : Parsi New Year, The Celebration Of Glory


Jamshed-e-Navroz finds mentioned in the Persian ‘Book of Kings’. First celebrated by King Jamshed, the day coincides with vernal equinox and marks the transition from winter to summer.

Nowruz – means “New Light” and marks the Persian New Year. One of the holiest festival, it is believed to have been invented by Zoroaster himself.

The Jewish festival of Purim is probably adopted from this and it is also a holy day for Sufis, Ismailis, Alawites, Alevis, and the Bahá’ís.

The UN’s General Assembly recognized the International Day of Nowruz,  in 2010 and was officially registered on the UNESCO List of the Intangible cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Besides Iran it is celebrated in countries that were territories of,  or influenced by, the Persian Empire. In India, it is a day of joyous  celebration. Parsis wear new clothes, gold or silver kustis and caps.

Auspicious symbols like fish, birds, butterflies and stars, are patterned on doorways. Guests are welcomed with rose water and rice. navroze-mubarakh

The traditional drink served is falooda, sweetened milk flavored with rose petals and lunch consists of sev and sweet yogurt and pulao.

The meal ends with ravo, a copy of the Gathas, a lit lamp, an afrigan,  a bowl of water containing live fish, an earthenware plate with sprouted wheat or beans for prosperity, flowers for color, silver coin  for wealth, painted eggs for productivity and sweets and rosewater for sweetness and happiness. Additionally seven foods beginning with ‘sh’ and ‘sa’ symbolizing creation are kept. Jamshed Navroz is a time for Parsis to reiterate their identity and on par with Gudi Padva and Ugadi, New Year days in India.

In 2011, ‘Jamshed-e-Navroz’ – the Parsi New Year in India is celebrated in 20th March

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