Festivals of Orissa in 2011 : Ideal vacation for Family to celebrate

Famous festivals celebrated in Odisha for the year 2011.

Odiya Festivals in January 2011

  • 04th January 2011—–Tuesday—Bakula Amabasya
  • 14th January 2011—–Friday—-Makar Sankranti
  • 15th January 2011—–Saturday–Samba Dasami
  • 16th January 2011—–Sunday—-Putrada Ekadasi
  • 20th January 2011—–Thursday–Pushyabhishek
  • 29th January 2011—–Saturday–Shattila Ekadasi

Odiya Festivals in February 2011

  • 02th February 2011—–Wednesday-Triveni Amabasya
  • 08th February 2011—–Tuesday—Sri Panchami (Saraswati Puja)
  • 13th February 2011—–Sunday—-Kumbha Sankranti
  • 14th February 2011—–Monday—-Bhauma Ekadasi
  • 18th February 2011—–Friday—-Magha Purnima
  • 28th February 2011—–Monday—-Smarta Ekadasi

Odiya Festivals in March 2011

  • 02nd March 2011—–Wednesday—Maha Shiva Ratri
  • 15th March 2011—–Tuesday—–Phagu Dasami / Meena Sankranti
  • 16th March 2011—–Wednesday—Papanasini Ekadasi
  • 19th March 2011—–Saturday—-Dola Purnima
  • 20th March 2011—–Sunday——Holi
  • 30th March 2011—–Wednesday—Pamamochan Ekadasi

Odiya Festivals in April 2011

  • 01st April 2011—–Friday——Utkal Divas
  • 03rd April 2011—–Sunday——Chaitra Amabasya
  • 11th April 2011—–Monday——Ashokastami
  • 12th April 2011—–Tuesday—–Rama Navami
  • 14th April 2011—–Thursday—-Maha Vishuba Sankranti / Kamada ekadasi
  • 28th April 2011—–Thursday—-Baruthini Ekadasi

Odiya Festivals in May 2011

  • 06th May 2011—–Friday——–Akhsaya Trutiya
  • 14th May 2011—–Saturday——Madhusudani Ekadasi
  • 15th May 2011—–Sunday——–Brusha Sankranti
  • 28th May 2011—–Saturday——Jala Krida Ekadasi

Odiya Festivals in June 2011

  • 01st June 2011—–Wednesday—-Savitri Amabasya
  • 07th June 2011—–Tuesday——Shitala Sasthi
  • 12th June 2011—–Sunday——-Nirjala Ekadasi
  • 14th June 2011—–Tuesday——Prathama Raja
  • 15th June 2011—–Wednesday—-Raja Sankranti
  • 27th June 2011—–Monday——-Khali Lagi Ekadasi

Odiya Festivals in July 2011

  • 03rd July 2011—–Sunday——-Sri Gundicha (Rath Yatra)
  • 11th July 2011—–Monday——-Bahuda Yatra
  • 12th July 2011—–Tuesday——Hari Shayan Ekadasi
  • 15th July 2011—–Friday——-Vyasa Purnima
  • 16th July 2011—–Saturday—–Karkata Sankranti
  • 26th July 2011—–Tuesday——Kamada Ekadasi
  • 30th July 2011—–Saturday—–Chitalagi Amabasya

Odiya Festivals in August 2011

  • 09th August 2011—–Tuesday—-Putrada Ekadasi
  • 13th August 2011—–Saturday—Gamha Purnima (Rakhi)
  • 17th August 2011—–Tuesday—-Sinha Sankranti
  • 19th August 2011—–Friday—–Raksha Panchami
  • 21st August 2011—–Sunday—–Janmastami (Smarta)
  • 22nd August 2011—–Monday—–Janmastami (Baishnaba)
  • 25th August 2011—–Thursday—Amla Ekadasi
  • 29th August 2011—–Monday—–Saptapuri Amabasya
  • 31st August 2011—–Wednesday–Bali Trutiya

Odiya Festivals in September 2011

  • 01st September 2011—–Thursday-Ganesh Chaturthi
  • 02nd September 2011—–Friday—Nua Khai
  • 08th September 2011—–Thursday-Parswa-paribartan Ekadasi
  • 13th September 2011—–Tuesday–Apara Paksha (begins)
  • 17th September 2011—–Saturday-Kanya Sankranti / Vishwakarma Puja
  • 23rd September 2011—–Friday—Indira Ekadasi
  • 27th September 2011—–Tuesday–Mahalaya Amabasya

Odiya Festivals in October 2011

  • 04th October 2011—–Tuesday—Maha Astami
  • 06th October 2011—–Thursday–Dasahara / Sudasha Brata
  • 07th October 2011—–Friday—-Papankusha Ekadasi
  • 11th October 2011—–Tuesday—Kumar Purnima
  • 17th October 2011—–Monday—-Garbhana (Tula) Sankranti
  • 23rd October 2011—–Sunday—-Rama Ekadasi
  • 25th October 2011—–Tuesday—Dhanwantari Puja
  • 26th October 2011—–Wednesday-Dipavali (Diwali)
  • 30th October 2011—–Sunday—-Naga Chaturthi

Odiya Festivals in November 2011

  • 04th November 2011—–Friday—Amla Navami
  • 06th November 2011—–Sunday—Prabodhini Ekadasi
  • 10th November 2011—–Thursday-Kartik Purnima
  • 11th November 2011—–Friday—Chhada Khai
  • 17th November 2011—–Thursday-Bicha Sankranti / Manabasa Gurubar (Begins)
  • 19th November 2011—–Saturday-Prathamastami
  • 21st November 2011—–Monday—Uthapan Ekadasi
  • 24th November 2011—–Thursday-Manabasa Gurubar

Odiya Festivals in December 2011

  • 01st December 2011—–Thursday-Manabasa Gurubar
  • 06th December 2011—–Tuesday–Mokhada Ekadasi
  • 08th Decemberr 2011—–Thursday-Manabasa Gurubar
  • 16th December¬†2011—–Friday—Dhanu Sankranti
  • 21th December¬†2011—–Wednesday-Saphala Ekadasi
  • 24th December¬†2011—–Saturday-Bakula Amabasya

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