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Puri Hotel

  • toshali-sands-hotel-puri
    Aug 11 2017

    Opt Luxury Hotels in Puri near Beach to Enjoy More

    Puri was a small city in Odisha, but with time it has now grown into one of the leading tourist hotspots in India. The city is located on the east coast and famous for its sandy beaches, different types of cuisines, Jagannath temple and especially the services and hospitality provided. Read more

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  • Puri beach resort
    Jul 28 2017

    Find Extravagant Offers at luxury Hotels in Puri

    Hotels in Puri, Odisha, can be found in abundance make the house for all types of travelers. Whether you are visiting for pleasure or work, or even to visit this beach city is simply easier to leave the tour to Odisha a wide range of hotels in Puri did not disappoint, as they are available in all categories and themes. Read more

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  • toshali-sands-resort
    Jul 18 2017

    Puri Beach Hotel and a Fantastic Holiday

    Family beach holidays are really in fashion these days. Many families hit the popular Puri hotel or out of the way beaches every summer. If you really want to make the most of your beach holiday, make sure you select the right beach and right hotel or resort for your family. Read more

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  • toshalisands1
    Jun 22 2016

    Awe-Inspiring Resort In Puri Near The Beach

    Plethora of Puri hotel and resort are convert into the ultimate relaxing point during festive season and at the end of the year. Months of October to December are considered peak season by Puri hotel. Read more

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  • Toshali sands
    Nov 21 2015

    Destination Puri is the Best Place to Celebrate New Year

    To celebrate 2016 New Year in Puri is like a beautiful combination of heaven with divine destination. Puri hotels and resorts are definitely making your New Year celebration an unforgettable experience. Read more

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  • toshali-sands-resort
    Jun 10 2014

    Attractive Puri Hotel Deals

    The holy city of Puri open heartedly welcomes millions of visitors every year belonging to different walks of life and from all across the globe. The diversity of sightseeing places in Puri includes religious places, architectural sites, Read more

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  • hotel toshali sands image
    Nov 27 2012

    Online reservation of Hotels & Resorts in Puri Near Sea Beach Odisha

    Puri in Orissa is a destination famous for providing inner peace and material comfort both to the visitors. The town is listed among some of the best beach destinations in India. To experience an unfelt sense of peace in the holy town, Read more

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  • Sep 26 2012

    Get Amazing Ayurveda Treatments in Toshali Sands Puri

    India is known for the Vaidic treatment of ailments, which focuses on the healing of not only the body and mind but also the spirit. Puri is one of the finest places known in India for such healings via Ayurveda and other ancient techniques. One of the superb resorts in Puri known for providing Ayurveda facility is Toshali Sands. You can find full treatment of your body, mind and spirit through Ayurveda in Toshali Sands Puri. The resort offers amazing Ayurveda packages in Puri to make your treatment very affordable and convenient.

    Among the best Ayurveda resorts in Puri, Toshali Sands is known for possessing excellence in such services. That is not a single reason for this resort being the best hotels in Puri. The resort is embedded with all the contemporary and sophisticated services and facilities. This resort provides some of the unique facilities to the guests. These facilities include mesmerizing Boat Ride to refresh fully your mind and body both with marvelous views of the colorful town.  

    Besides, the renowned Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri bears some superb attractions such as Pipli and Chilka Lake, Orissa. Taking sights of the color-play on the sky of Puri beach during sunsets and sunrises is another attraction of the holy town ready to fascinate you. To discover the new dimensions of sea and to explore new level of peace at a beach, you must visit Puri and stay at Toshali Sands. This all will collectively give you full treatment of your mind and body.

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  • Jul 28 2012

    Stay at Toshali Sands Where Nature Comes Alive

    As I planned a make a visit to Puri last month, there was no doubts and hesitations about my accommodation in the holy town. I was always sure to stay in one of the best hotels in Puri. I was quite clear on the resort where I was going to stay and that was Toshali Sands, where nature comes alive. I had already heard about the quality services and superb facilities of the resort from my friends who had been there during their Puri visits.
    Toshali Sands, one of the hotels in Puri near sea beach, offers some of the unique facilities to its guests. Its list of unique facilities is quite bigger and includes Facilities Boat Ride. An amazing Boat Ride in Puri can refresh totally your mind and body both. During you enjoy boating with us, you also enjoy the privilege of enjoying the amazing sights of the vivid town. The boat ride offered by us provides you a very different experience of viewing Puri.
    Apart from the famous Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri has some other marvelous attractions including Pipli and Chilka Lake, Orissa. Viewing the color-play on the sky of Puri beach during sunsets and sunrises is another popular attraction of the holy town. To explore the new spheres of sea, you should visit any Indian beach but if you want to discover new level of peace at a beach, you must go to Puri and stay at Toshali Sands.

    Among the 4 Star & Budget Hotels in Puri India, Toshali Sands Where Nature Comes Alive has made a name for its modern services and warm hospitality. To enjoy the high quality accommodation in Puri, do make a point to visit Toshali Sands.

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  • Aug 11 2010

    Why Toshali Sands is The Place for Next Corporate Meet !

    30 acres of lush greenery, beautifully landscaped, on the stunning Konark marine drive Toshali sands, the ethnic village resort was designed and conceived to be an ideal environment in complete harmony with the habitat. We have one of the country’s most comprehensive conference and convention Centre, 103 rooms, health spa, the Phulpatna restaurant with its multi cuisine spread. 

    Toshali Sands Collage

    Toshali Sands, has the largest conference centre in Orissa ” now its is called ODISHA”, located in the Temple city, Puri, the abode of Lord Jagannath. Its unique location, surrounded by the sea, river, reserve forest and acres of greenery, makes Toshali an ideal conference destination with leisure. We strove hard to provide a set up with facilities equivalent to any five star resort hotel.

    Conference Facility at Toshali Sands

    Indraprastha is our large conference hall that can accommodate between 44 to 220 plus depending on seating arrangements. Panchayat Conference hall can accommodate upto 200. And Mantrana Conference hall – the smallest can accomodate upto 100 people. We offer you Audio – Visual facilities, use/hire of PCs and printers, Secretarial Services, Telephone, Fax, E-mail & other matters of communication, providing materials for writing, etc.

    Toshali Sands Conference Facility

    We’ve thought of everything to create the perfect atmosphere. Your dedicated conference coordinator will act as your personal point or contact for all arrangements we offer a lighter buffet lunch and breakfast, as well as tradition fare. Should your event call for themed Gala dinner, bar-be-que, or a special menu of any kind, you’ll find the hotel welcomes your suggestions and requests.

    Today’s conference organizers and training providers recognize the great potential of time outside the seminar room. At Toshali Sands, we have taken care to ensure that we offer the best strange of in-house and external activities to complement to your conference programme. So you can relax individually in the swimming pool, sauna, hi-tech gym or exercise room etc.

    Toshali Sands_ Conference undergoing

    We can help you include team-building activities in your schedule with combat or adventure games. Through Toshali Sands, you also have access to a wide range of adventure activities designed to challenge and motivate, from forest trekking, beach walk, river crossing and lots more. You will find your Toshali Sands, conference co-ordinator more than happy to organise special events for whole conference, for a small VIP group, or as individual incentives. We can even arrange an workshop with the world renowned sand sculptor Sudarshan Patnaik for you. We are also in the process of identifying a cycling trek through the banks of the serene Nuanai, the reserve sanctuary and who knows in seasons maybe para-sailing and kite boarding too. Toshali Sands depends on YOU for the inputs and ideas. We are what you want us to be.

    So do write in.

    Toshali Sands Coconut trees

    To Know and book the conference venue for your Conference, Workshops, Seminars, Boardmeetings, Sales Meeting, AGM, Product Launch, Reseller, Distributor  & Dealer meeting, Corporate Event Management, etc. Please contact our conference manager or simply mail your query at ; Facebook Photo Walk -Through of Toshali Sands Resort, Puri

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