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  • Accommodation in Shimla
    Aug 16 2017

    Array of Accommodation in Shimla to Meet Your Needs

    Indian hill stations have their own magic and charm. The northern region has some of the best hill stations you can take into account. When summer season approaches, most of the people head towards the hill stations, and without any doubt, Shimla receives most numbers of tourists every year. Read more

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  • conference-hall-shimla
    Aug 09 2017

    Picking the Best Conferences in Shimla

    Nowadays almost all organizations need to have conferences and therefore, this is rampant both in the public as well as private sector. Read more

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  • Hotels in Shimla
    Aug 04 2017

    Find Best Season to Visit Shimla to Plan Your Holiday

    If you are planning a holiday for Shimla, it is wise to know about the weather and temperature of this capital city of Himachal. If you want to know the best season to visit Shimla, check online guides, it will surely help you know the good times. Therefore, you can plan your trip accordingly and make the most of your travel plans. Read more

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  • toshali-royal-view-resort
    Jul 31 2017

    Do Prior Bookings for Finest Shimla Hotels

    Located in Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is a beautiful hill station in the lofty ranges of the Himalayan Mountains. Set amidst the thick greenery, this hill station is an ideal weekend getaway for North Indians. It also serves as an adventure destination for wild sports freaks. Read more

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  • Toshali-Royal-View
    Jun 17 2017

    How to spend a beautiful vacation in Shimla with family

    Shimla mesmerize tourist with its snow coated mountain ranges, forest ranges, natural beauty, historic monuments, flora and fauna. Shimla offer everything asked by a traveller be it breathtaking lakes, snow filled mountains, alluring climate, or natural greenery. In India, Shimla is popularly known as queen of hill station. Read more

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  • Raja-Festival
    Jun 12 2017

    Raja Festival: Honor to Womanhood

    Every year the month of June is the starting of ceremony for Odias.  Nowadays, the Odia festivals are celebrated by the whole world. Odia festivals are important part of Odia culture and Raja festival is one among the prominent ones. It is the three days celebration, which has been observed by women of Odisha.

    During Raja festival, women and girls take rest from work and wear new dresses and sarees, Alata and ornaments. It’s similar to Ambubachi Mela. The most popular among numerous festivals in Odisha, Raja is celebrated for three consecutive days. Just as the earth prepares itself to whence its thirst by the incoming rain the unmarried girls of the family are groomed for impeding matrimony through this festival.

    They pass these three days in joyous festivity and observe customs like eating only uncooked and nourishing food especially Podapitha, do not take bath or take salt, do not walk barefooted and vow to give birth to healthy children in future. The most vivid and enjoyable memories one has of the Raja gaiety is the rope-swings on big banyan trees and the lyrical folk-songs that one listens from the nubile beauty enjoying the atmosphere.

    In cities nowadays, most of the organization are introducing so many activities to add more fun to this festival. They do some competitions for women’s participation, offering special discounts on malls for ladies, special tourism discounts by Odisha hotels for three days holiday and like this many more. Along with old traditions the new age creativity is giving more joy and fun for Odisha women in these three special days.

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  • Conference at Toshali Royal View Shimla
    Jun 01 2017

    Plan Your Successful Conference in Shimla

    Planning a conference in Shimla can be a difficult task to arrange. Maybe you have been put in charge of arranging your entire companies conference with multiple branches throughout the country. Read more

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  • luxury-hotels-in-shimla
    May 25 2017

    Accommodation in Shimla That Won’t Let You Compromise

    Situated in Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is the popular location housing wide range of nature captivated scenes for you. Dazzling in spectacular natural beauty, Shimla he most popular hill station in North India is 400 Kilometers from the capital city of New Delhi. Read more

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  • conference-hall-shimla
    May 22 2017

    Conference in Shimla with Organized Strategies

    If you are searching excellent hub for business meetings, conferences in Shimla, then search online for it. There are several community halls available, but it will wise if you go for hotels or resorts. Read more

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  • Shimla-events
    May 15 2017

    Opportunities for Conference in Shimla

    Business conferences have gotten a huge importance these days both locally as well as internationally. Either it is a small country or large country business conferences do have an immense importance for each state at all. When we talk about business conferences they are typically known as meetings, gatherings, and seminars which are held at most prestigious centers of the world. Read more

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