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  • wedding-venues-in-Puri
    Aug 16 2017

    Toshali Sands: Best among Wedding Venues in Puri

    If you are planning for a wedding at Puri then you must look for right venue that makes everything perfect. But you can’t be sure which would be right place to meet your demand for the wedding. Instead of looking different wedding venues in Puri, Read more

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  • yoga
    Aug 12 2017

    Yoga package in Puri

    Yoga is a 5000-year-old art if not a science which originated in India. Many have notions about yoga being a physical exercise where people stress their body in the most complex way, but this is the most superficial aspect of this science of unfolding the uncountable potentials of the human mind and soul. Read more

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  • toshali-sands-hotel-puri
    Aug 11 2017

    Opt Luxury Hotels in Puri near Beach to Enjoy More

    Puri was a small city in Odisha, but with time it has now grown into one of the leading tourist hotspots in India. The city is located on the east coast and famous for its sandy beaches, different types of cuisines, Jagannath temple and especially the services and hospitality provided. Read more

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  • toshali-sands-hotel
    Aug 09 2017

    Toshali Sands : One Among Best Luxury Hotels in Puri Near Balighai Beach

    Looking for a private, pristine retreat with the nearby sea beach then visit Puri and choose to stay in one of the finest luxury hotels in Puri near Balighai beach. If you do not want big crowd on the beach, you may opt one that almost acts as a private beach with countable few souls. Read more

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  • Accommodation in Puri
    Aug 08 2017

    Puri Hotel Rates That Can Impress the Guests

    When you reserve a room at a resort or hotel in Puri, you have expectations about it and the amenities. Maybe you expect your room will resemble the rooms pictured on the resort’s website or that the amenities and hotel supplies will be as advertised and basic toiletries complimentary. They take the details for granted though hotels know they can affect occupancy rates. Read more

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  • Puri beach resort
    Jul 28 2017

    Find Extravagant Offers at luxury Hotels in Puri

    Hotels in Puri, Odisha, can be found in abundance make the house for all types of travelers. Whether you are visiting for pleasure or work, or even to visit this beach city is simply easier to leave the tour to Odisha a wide range of hotels in Puri did not disappoint, as they are available in all categories and themes. Read more

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  • toshali-sands-rooms
    Jul 27 2017

    Positive Points of Online Best Hotels in Puri Booking

    Planning for a beach holiday and looking for best hotels in Puri as per your budget and interest? Then come online and do online hotel booking as it is the best way to book rooms in Puri beach areas. Customers can enjoy the easiness of online booking and can find the cheapest hotel rooms with excellent facilities. Here are advantages of online Puri hotel booking: Read more

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  • Yoga
    Jul 24 2017

    Choose Your Yoga Package in Puri for Holistic Healing

    Yoga packages in Puri offers holistic healing experiences at Toshali Sands resort. It includes special functions beginning from age-old Ayurveda treatments to trendy treatment plans, from naturopathy to an extensive variety of massages, our new spa is designed to offer the excellent wellbeing revel in. Read more

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  • toshalisands
    Jul 24 2017

    Best Holidays in Puri Beach

    Holidays in Puri beach are the ultimate and the most wholesome experience for the incurable beach lovers. Puri flaunts an idyllic beauty that is both picturesque and alluring. Sun, sea and sand- there is no dearth of any of these in the city. Read more

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  • Untitled-1
    Jul 24 2017

    Cost—Efficient Tips of Booking Hotels in Puri near Sea Beach

    Going on a Puri vacation can provide numerous benefits for individuals. However, making the wrong plans can turn a peaceful vacation into mayhem. One of the most common issues that restrict individuals from enjoying their vacation is the expenses on accommodations. Read more

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