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  • Puri-Rath-Yatra-2017
    Jun 20 2017

    Puri Is Welcoming Everyone for Rath Yatra 2017

    Puri hospitality industry is now in high alert and busy in preparation of the grand festival of Odisha, Rath Yatra 2017 on 25th June. All hotels, resorts and all the other accommodation modes are celebrating Odisha’s grand festival with amazing offers.  Read more

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  • Toshalisands-1
    Jun 16 2017

    Luxury Hotel in Puri Sea beach For a Hassle-free Stay during Rath Yatra

    Visiting Odisha’s spiritual capital known as Puri during Rathyatra makes you feel like there is nothing more important than coming to the Puri temple During June and July. As Puri is the most important religious location in Odisha you can find lots of crowd in this city throughout the year. Read more

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  • suna-besa
    Jun 16 2017

    Suna Besa: The Last Precious Ceremony of Rath Yatra

    Suna Besha in Puri observed five times during a year. Generally the besha happen on Bijaya Dashami in October, Kartik Purnima in November Pausa Purnima in December,  Magha Purnima in January & Asadha Ekadashi in July . The last Besha is observed on the chariot in front of Temple, other four Besha are observed in temple. Read more

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  • Puri-Rath-Yatra-2017
    Jun 13 2017

    See Lord’s Golden Attire in a Hassle-free Way with Toshali

    The Suna bhesa, Bada Tadau bhesa, Raja bhesa all are different names of Lords ‘golden attire, which has been celebrated every year during Car festival.  This Golden Attire day happens on the returning day or Bahuda Yatra of the Lords from Gundicha Temple. Read more

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  • rathyatra
    Jun 09 2017

    Reasons that Compel You for a Puri Rath Yatra Visit

    Rath Yatra festival of Odisha is exclusively dedicated to Lord Jagannath, who is believed as the Lord of the Universe by Hindu devotees. Visiting the Jagannath Temple at Puri during the occasion of Rath Yatra is considered to be extremely auspicious. Here are few things that let you understand, why going to Rath Yatra is good for you: Read more

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  • deba-snapurnima-puri
    Jun 08 2017

    Debasnana Purnima: First Ceremony of Hindus

    Puri will be in news for this month because this is the month of celebration. Devotees from all over Odisha, India and even from foreign countries are waiting for this festival. Debasnana Purnima is the first important festival before starting the Rath Yatra or Car Festival is Snana Yatra. Snana Yatra means Bathing Festival.  Read more

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  • Ayurvedic treatment in Puri
    Jun 06 2017

    Ayurvedic Treatment in Puri: Providing a Healthy Stay

    With centuries of development the current Ayurveda system practiced in India is much more than a system of herbal medicine. With the two main aims of treating the symptoms of the disease and strengthening the immune system, this method of healing is a way to health and longevity which can easily be used with the modern western form of medicine to complement it. Read more

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  • Toshali-Sands-Hotels-in-Puri
    Jun 06 2017

    Book Best Hotels in Puri Now onwards for Festival

    The luxury vacation market is expanding now in Puri. As it is the summer vacation and after a month there is going to happen the biggest festival of Odisha, the car festival. Most of the Puri hotels are already booked for the festival, so if you did not book it now then make a hurry. Read more

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  • toshali-sands-hotel
    Jun 03 2017

    Best Hotels in Puri Provide Exclusive Vouchers for Holiday Offers

    The latest and greatest services are making indeed a hotel life quite lavishing and enjoyable at Puri. With the services and guest treatments, life can be all the more pleasant and fruitful. The actual taste of hotel life can however be realized with posh and elite best hotels in Puri. Read more

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  • toshali-sands-hotel
    May 27 2017

    Luxury Hotels in Puri: One of a Kind Experiences

    If you love the sea and want to spend one of your holidays sunbathing and playing around the sea there, plan a trip to Puri and you would love to be there. Puri is known all over the world as a serene fourth Dham of Hinduism and for its virgin beaches and scenic beauty. Read more

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