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  • toshali-goan-village-resort
    Jun 21 2017

    Tips to remember while travelling Goa with your family

    Goa is filled with surreal places of vast expanse of sandy beaches, clear blue sea, beautiful mountains and grand cathedrals and forts. Goa is a little paradise on earth and visiting these places full of surprises and fun. Goa has rich Portuguese history, friendly locals and amazing sea foods. Read more

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  • Toshali-Royal-View
    Jun 17 2017

    How to spend a beautiful vacation in Shimla with family

    Shimla mesmerize tourist with its snow coated mountain ranges, forest ranges, natural beauty, historic monuments, flora and fauna. Shimla offer everything asked by a traveller be it breathtaking lakes, snow filled mountains, alluring climate, or natural greenery. In India, Shimla is popularly known as queen of hill station. Read more

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  • Toshalisands-1
    Jun 16 2017

    Luxury Hotel in Puri Sea beach For a Hassle-free Stay during Rath Yatra

    Visiting Odisha’s spiritual capital known as Puri during Rathyatra makes you feel like there is nothing more important than coming to the Puri temple During June and July. As Puri is the most important religious location in Odisha you can find lots of crowd in this city throughout the year. Read more

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  • goanvillage
    Jun 14 2017

    Why Goa is the most preferred travel destination in India

    Whether it is summer or winter, travellers just don’t get enough of Goa. It is considered as the India’s coastline paradise and remains most preferred travel destination in India.  From the glorious beaches to amazing night life, Goa has always been very popular among holiday goers. Goa is a travel friendly location where it is affordable to different travel taste and budget.  Read more

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  • Puri-Rath-Yatra-2017
    Jun 13 2017

    See Lord’s Golden Attire in a Hassle-free Way with Toshali

    The Suna bhesa, Bada Tadau bhesa, Raja bhesa all are different names of Lords ‘golden attire, which has been celebrated every year during Car festival.  This Golden Attire day happens on the returning day or Bahuda Yatra of the Lords from Gundicha Temple. Read more

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  • Raja-Festival
    Jun 12 2017

    Raja Festival: Honor to Womanhood

    Every year the month of June is the starting of ceremony for Odias.  Nowadays, the Odia festivals are celebrated by the whole world. Odia festivals are important part of Odia culture and Raja festival is one among the prominent ones. It is the three days celebration, which has been observed by women of Odisha.

    During Raja festival, women and girls take rest from work and wear new dresses and sarees, Alata and ornaments. It’s similar to Ambubachi Mela. The most popular among numerous festivals in Odisha, Raja is celebrated for three consecutive days. Just as the earth prepares itself to whence its thirst by the incoming rain the unmarried girls of the family are groomed for impeding matrimony through this festival.

    They pass these three days in joyous festivity and observe customs like eating only uncooked and nourishing food especially Podapitha, do not take bath or take salt, do not walk barefooted and vow to give birth to healthy children in future. The most vivid and enjoyable memories one has of the Raja gaiety is the rope-swings on big banyan trees and the lyrical folk-songs that one listens from the nubile beauty enjoying the atmosphere.

    In cities nowadays, most of the organization are introducing so many activities to add more fun to this festival. They do some competitions for women’s participation, offering special discounts on malls for ladies, special tourism discounts by Odisha hotels for three days holiday and like this many more. Along with old traditions the new age creativity is giving more joy and fun for Odisha women in these three special days.

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  • rathyatra
    Jun 09 2017

    Reasons that Compel You for a Puri Rath Yatra Visit

    Rath Yatra festival of Odisha is exclusively dedicated to Lord Jagannath, who is believed as the Lord of the Universe by Hindu devotees. Visiting the Jagannath Temple at Puri during the occasion of Rath Yatra is considered to be extremely auspicious. Here are few things that let you understand, why going to Rath Yatra is good for you: Read more

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  • Ayurvedic treatment in Puri
    Jun 06 2017

    Ayurvedic Treatment in Puri: Providing a Healthy Stay

    With centuries of development the current Ayurveda system practiced in India is much more than a system of herbal medicine. With the two main aims of treating the symptoms of the disease and strengthening the immune system, this method of healing is a way to health and longevity which can easily be used with the modern western form of medicine to complement it. Read more

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  • Toshali-Sands-Hotels-in-Puri
    Jun 06 2017

    Book Best Hotels in Puri Now onwards for Festival

    The luxury vacation market is expanding now in Puri. As it is the summer vacation and after a month there is going to happen the biggest festival of Odisha, the car festival. Most of the Puri hotels are already booked for the festival, so if you did not book it now then make a hurry. Read more

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  • toshali-sands-hotel
    Jun 03 2017

    Best Hotels in Puri Provide Exclusive Vouchers for Holiday Offers

    The latest and greatest services are making indeed a hotel life quite lavishing and enjoyable at Puri. With the services and guest treatments, life can be all the more pleasant and fruitful. The actual taste of hotel life can however be realized with posh and elite best hotels in Puri. Read more

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